Exploring Brno – The Czech Republic’s Second City

When people talk about cities in the Czech Republic, Prague tends to steal the show. There are plenty of good reasons for that – Prague is easily the biggest, most vibrant metropolis for many miles around. If you’re looking to escape the craziness of Prague and check out some of the country’s smaller cities though, […]

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Hipster Hotspots: The Coolest Places in Prague

Top 10+ Coolest Hipster Hotspots in Prague for 2018

The word ‘hipster’ gets thrown around a lot these days. Nobody is really sure what it means, but when applied to neighborhoods we can risk a rough definition: fashionable and cool places, mainly appealing to young people, with a big focus on edgy bars, cafes, and shops. Prague has always been a cool city in […]

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4 Famous Czech Inventions Which Changed the Entire World

4 Famous Czech Inventions That Changed the Entire World

The Czech Republic is a small country, but over the course of its history has made a big impact on the world. As this post shows, Prague and the surrounding country have been home to many creative minds and influential figures, who have contributed a great deal to various fields. Although many life-changing inventions have […]

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