Baby Gorilla Born in Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo has yet another new member. After the recent birth of the elephant calf, a baby gorilla has just been born. And it was to the garden staff’s great amazement, since it was totally unexpected…

The gorilla baby was born on the 23rd of April. Nobody knew that the mother, 24-year-old gorilla Shinda, had been pregnant, because there were no apparent signs of it. There were no complications during the delivery, the gorilla baby is completely healthy, and its mother is taking perfect care of him or her. It is not known whether the little gorilla is male or female yet.

Birth of the Baby Gorilla Was Totally Unexpected
Birth of the Baby Gorilla Was Totally Unexpected

Visitors to the Zoo might be able to see the gorilla baby already, in the garden’s gorilla pavilion. The Zoo’s general manager, Miroslav Bobek, is nevertheless asking visitors to be considerate and to abide by the staff’s instructions. “We are still surprised. When I received the call, that Shinda was giving birth, I was completely stunned. For years, people had been asking us, whether she was pregnant, but it always turned out, that she was just fat,” he adds, laughing.

Prague Zoo, one of the best zoological gardens in the world, is located in the Troja quarter of the city, next to a beautiful eponymous Chateau (Zámek Troja), and its Gorilla pavilion belongs among the most amazing attractions of the garden.

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