Elephant Calf Born in Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is celebrating. For the first time in the 80 year history of elephants breeding, there has just been an elephant calf born, which was also conceived there.

The calf is male and weighs 104 kilograms. The veterinarians managed the delivery well, even though there was a threat that the elephant “momma” might kill the calf as the result of stress. That’s to say, that at the beginning she did not accept the calf and even appeared to be preparing to attack it. “This kind of behavior is quite common, when the elephant female is inexperienced and it is probably due to the delivery pain,” the keeper, Pavel Brandl, said.

Elephant Valley in the Prague ZOO is One of the Main Attractions
Elephant Valley in the Prague ZOO is One of the Main Attractions

“We have not completely won yet and I do not want to jinx it,” the Zoo’s general manager Miroslav Bobek said. “But these moments are definitely the most beautiful ones for me, since we brought the elephant mother Janita from Sri Lanka in 2012.”

Prague Zoo, one of the best zoological gardens in the world, is located in the Troja quarter of the city, next to a beautiful eponymous Chateau (Zámek Troja), and its Elephant Valley belongs among the most amazing attractions of the garden.

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