New Uber Service in Prague: UberSelect

New Uber Service in Prague: UberSelect

Shortly after Uber redesigned its mobile application, it came out with a brand new type of service for Prague called UberSelect. It stands between UberPOP and UberBlack, and provides more quality and comfort. Prices are only around 30% higher compared to UberPOP, so still very reasonable. The main benefits of using UberSelect are:

  • Verified drivers with high ratings and great knowledge of Prague routes
  • Middle class cars no older than 3 years (Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo)

The price for 1 kilometer is 13,- CZK ($0.50), for 1 minute 4,50,- CZK ($0.18) and a base fare of 30,- CZK ($1.17). This is still cheaper than the regular Prague taxi services (especially over short distances). A full price comparison table including taxi services is available below.

ServiceUberPOP UberSelectUberBlackAirport Taxi
Price per Kilometer10 CZK13 CZK27 CZK28 CZK
Price per Minute 3 CZK4.5 CZK6 CZKN/A
Base Fare 25 CZK30 CZK40 CZK40 CZK
Airport to Downtown 300+ CZK ($12.00+)400+ CZK ($15.50+)650+ CZK ($25.50+)550 CZK ($21.50)

To ride with UberSelect simply open your Uber mobile application and select it from the riding options (it is in the middle) as on the screenshot below.

Using UberPOP and UberSelect in Prague
Using UberPOP and UberSelect in Prague
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Source: Uber Taxi

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