Prague Weather/Climate in Summer 2017

The End of Summer Will Be Hot in Prague

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, the end of the summer holiday of 2016 should be in token of warm to even hot weather. Last week, it was quite cold, but this week the temperatures should gradually climb up, back to over 25° C (77° F). And this weekend, we are even expecting tropical temperatures.

Summer Sunsets Over the Prague Are Unforgettable
Summer Sunsets Over the Prague Are Unforgettable

This Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures in Prague should climb over the tropical 30° C (86° F). There will not be much precipitation till the end of August, too. “August weather has been a bit colder than usual, so far. On the contrary, since Wednesday 24th, we can look forward to a warmer kind of weather with summer temperatures above 25 degrees of Celsius,” the meteorologists said.

Prague Weather Forecast for August

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During August, the long-term average temperature in Prague is 15,3° C (59,54° F). The coldest temperature measured was in 1957, with an average temperature of 12, 9°C (55,22° F) and the warmest – of 18,4°C (65,12° F) – was the average of August 1951. Read more about August weather in Prague.

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