4 Famous Czech Inventions Which Changed the Entire World

4 Famous Czech Inventions That Changed the Entire World

The Czech Republic is a small country, but over the course of its history has made a big impact on the world. As this post shows, Prague and the surrounding country have been home to many creative minds and influential figures, who have contributed a great deal to various fields. Although many life-changing inventions have […]

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Cesky Krumlov's skyline

A Few Days in Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov has been called the most beautiful town in Europe, so although it’s a slightly longer than ideal 2 hours and 55 minutes bus ride from Prague, it could well be worth a visit for anyone who’s looking to experience what else the Czech Republic has to offer. Despite it being just about doable […]

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The Main Stage at Last Year's Rock for People Festival

How about a Czech Music Festival this Summer?

Summer is the season of music festivals. For regular festival goers, nothing quite says summer like dancing in the sunshine to your favourite new band, meeting new friends in the queue for a beer or the smell of hot canvas in the morning. There will be an unimaginably massive number of music festivals going on […]

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CZECHIA – Like it, or not?

When visiting Prague, you might soon be travelling to “Czechia”. The new international name suggested for the Czech Republic has brought plenty of controversy. The government coalition of the Czech Republic is dealing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ proposal of a new English translation of the country’s name. The new single-word name “Czechia” is supposed […]

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