Two Peeing Guys in Front of Franz Kafka Museum in Prague (by David Cerny)

Famous Praguers: Creative Geniuses

Prague is a city known for its culture. Just walking around the breathtakingly beautiful squares and among the ancient Gothic architecture is proof enough of the strong heritage of artistry that flows through the veins of this city. It’s no surprise, then, that Prague’s history is brimming with great artists, musicians, and writers, each having […]

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Scary babies

Take a Free 9-Stop Tour of David Cerny’s Prague

David Cerny was born in Prague and is one of the city’s most famous sons. He is internationally notorious for producing pieces which are both eye-catching and highly controversial. Cerny is probably best known for his giant faceless babies, which today crawl happily up and down the TV tower in Zizkov, the tallest building in […]

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