5 of The Best Parks in Prague

Springtime in the Czech Republic is always an unpredictable season for weather, with sunny days quickly transforming into ice cold rain showers. However, as spring goes on the weather tends to improve, and the parks of Prague begin to fill with people… If you enjoy spending time outdoors, Prague is the place to be. Filled […]

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Hluboka Castle

Castles, castles, castles!

The Czech Republic contains more castles and chateaus per square kilometre than any other country in the world and that’s a fact. There’s of course Prague castle, but why not explore some of the country’s lesser known castles during your stay?  Listed below are some simply majestic castles, all of which are doable as a […]

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What to Do on New Year's Eve in Prague

What to Do on New Year’s Eve 2016 in Prague

If you plan to spend New Year’s Eve in Prague there is actually not much to do on your own, as every place is generally very busy and full of tourists. Most of the Praguers actually leave the city to celebrate New Year in the countryside or mountains, in a cottage with friends. You can almost forget about […]

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Where to Charge Your Phone Outdoors in Prague

The Czech Republic’s capital has made dwelling in its streets yet more comfortable. There is a growing number of possibilities to charge your cell phone outdoors in Prague. It is possible on selected buses and in several parks, and new options are to come. Because Prague’s official representatives are aware how annoying it is to run out […]

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New Park at Prague, Hradčany

The Czech Republic’s capital is even greener, thanks to a new park which has been constructed in the Castle District Hradčany. It was created in place of a land coffer dam, which was dug during the construction of the new tunnel complex Blanka. The new park is not finished completely, yet nevertheless its first part has […]

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