Prague Metro (Subway, Underground) Map Online for Download

Below is the dynamic map of Prague metro stations, marked into Google Maps. You can filter each line (A – green, B – yellow, C – red) or display specific station using the map legend (arrow in the top-left corner).

In total, Prague’s metro (sometimes also referred as subway or underground) has 61 stations with a total length of 65 kilometers, and every year it services more than half a billion passengers. Ticket prices range from 24 CZK ($1.00) for a 30-minute ride to 110 CZK ($4.50) for an all-day ticket, and can be purchased at every metro station from the vending machine.

You can also download this map to your computer or phone for free and have it printed:

Prague Metro (Subway) Map in PDF

Prague Metro (Subway) Map in JPG

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