Prague Bus Transport: Tickets, Lines & Airport

In Prague, several transport companies operate a dense network of the city bus transport. Most of the urban (and also suburban) bus lines are integrated into the PIT (Prague Integrated Transport) system. Since they do not need any tracks, buses are the most flexible part of the public transportation system, and also the most important means of connecting the capital with the surrounding villages and small towns.

The Most Typical Bus in Prague (Irisbus Citybus)
A Typical Bus in Prague (Irisbus Citybus)

The urban bus lines are numbered from 100 to 297 and the regional ones from 301 to 495. There are also night lines, with numbers starting with 5 (in the city) or 6 (in the suburbs). The most significant bus operator of the inner-city bus lines is the Prague Public Transit Co. Inc.

History and Facts of Prague’s Bus Transport

Every year, Prague’s buses transport almost 400 million passengers, approximately one third of all people transported by the public urban transport of the Czech Republic’s capital. Apart from the regular lines, buses also play a vital role in the PIT, serving as alternative transport services in the event of a Metro or tram lockout.

On each bus stop, you can find the schedule of the line. If the line connects to a metro station, it is marked with a specific symbol (the letter “M” in a triangle). Of course, the intervals vary a lot depending on the location, peak hours, and whether it is a weekend or national holiday. The name of the next stop is always announced by a digitally operated call in the vehicle.

(True Story) Bus in Modrany Tried to Used Tram Rail Tracks
(True Story) A Bus in Modrany Tried to Used Tram Rail Tracks

The history of the public transport in Prague reaches back to 1875, and buses have been a regular part of the integrated urban transport for about 90 years. In 1925, they became an important supplement to the streetcar network, with the first regular bus line from “Vršovice” to “Záběhlice”. For some time, trolley-buses were in operation in Prague, but not anymore.

Practical Info & Tips: Opening Hours, Purchasing Tickets, Airport etc.

One can only buy tickets from the driver on the regional bus lines. In other cases, you need to buy a ticket before you enter the bus. You can get your ticket from one of the numerous yellow ticket vending machines, located at the entrances to metro stations, at ticket offices (at some metro stations), at many newsstands (not all of them), or at tourist information centres. A ticket valid for 90 minutes costs 32 CZK, and the cheapest one is for 30 minutes (24 CZK). A tourist ticket for 24 hours costs 110 CZK, and for 3 days 310 CZK.

You can find detailed info on the tickets in the table below:

Ticket (Validity)AdultsChildren & Seniors*Age 0-6 or 70+**
Short-term (30 min.)24 CZK16 CZK0 CZK
Basic (60 min.)32 CZK12 CZK0 CZK
One-day (24 hrs.)110 CZK55 CZK0 CZK
Three-day (72 hrs.)310 CZKN/A0 CZK

*Children aged 6 – 15 and seniors 65 – 70 with valid PIT card
**Children aged 0 – 6 and seniors over 70 years don’t need any ticket
Source: Official Prague Public Transportation Pricelist

TICKET VALIDATION Don’t forget to validate your ticket (marking the beginning time using machines located on the buses). Otherwise you may face a fine of 800 CZK.

Prague daily city buses usually operate from 5 a.m. until midnight. The night city buses operate from midnight to 5 a.m. but their intervals are much longer, with typically just one or two per hour.

If you want to use a bus to travel to the Airport, take bus no. 119 (It goes from the “Nádraží Veleslavín” metro station, but you will probably make the transition from the “Dejvická” metro station.) or bus line no. 100 from the “Zličín” metro station. You can also use the Airport Express (AE) bus which departs from the Main Railway Station.

Best Way to Handle Prague Bus Transport – Google Maps
Best Way to Handle Prague Bus Transport – Google Maps
GOOGLE MAPS The easiest way to handle buses (and public transport in general) in Prague without getting lost is by using Google Maps, which contains all the latest schedules and connections. You can simply enter destination and check the available options including travel times. This works on both desktop and mobile devices. Unfortunately, the ticket cost is not displayed, so you’ll need to calculate it manually.

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