Author Vanessa G.

Vanessa G.

Vanessa has been living in Prague for the better part of a decade. Always on the lookout for another hike, district, nook, or cranny – she’s made it her mission to explore the hidden corners of the Republic. Among Vanessa’s favorite Bohemian based activities are nature walks, venturing off the beaten path, and writing about it all from one of the city's many thriving Cafés. And the best spot to stop and take it all in? Alf & Bet, a coffee house and bakery, tucked just around the corner from Castle Libeň. You might just see the author there sipping a coffee herself.

Where to Eat in Prague

The Best Places to Brunch at in Prague


What’s better than starting your Saturday sleeping in, waking up and setting out for a good old fashioned brunch? Whether you’re hungover and can’t muster to cook breakfast yourself or just want to enjoy a lazy Saturday: Prague must be…

Prague Curiosities

Prague’s Secret Metro Station: Klarov


If you thought you know Prague in and out, prepare to be proven wrong. This metro station tucked between the Prague Castle and Straka Academy, is a well-kept secret. Only discovered because of the flood in 2002, Klarov leaves a…

Prague Parks

The Hidden City Hike: Prague Suchdol Valley


Magnificent cherry trees, a view of the TV tower in the distance & an interesting, educational trail: Suchdol Valley is the perfect hike in the city, if need a break from the hustle and bustle. We checked out the educational…

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