The Best Places to Take your Parents to in Prague

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Visitors from back home are the best ones – even more so if it’s the parents that honor your new home with a visit. After the excitement, however, follows the shock: Where do I take my parents to? Some of our old men and women are still very good on foot, but walking around all day exploring might get tiring even for the fittest of parents. We’ve found the best places to visit, eat and drink that are easily accessible and include short walking distances for the next visit of your parents in Prague.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Having visitors over is always bliss. You get to explore the areas you might usually not go to anymore again and showcase the city you live in to people you love – making them adore it just the same! Here are the best places to take your parents to for when they are coming around for a visit.

The Best Places to Take your Parents to in Prague

Sights & Exploring

Around Old Town Square

When in Prague, it’s obvious that your parents will want to have a glimpse at the Old Town Square and it’s marvelous buildings. However, the excursion of the many monuments around Staré Město can get heavy on the legs pretty soon. That’s why we’ve put together an easy walking route around the area, where your visitors will be able to take in the excellent surroundings and yet not feel all too tired out afterwards.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Start your journey at the tram stop ‘Staroměstska’ and head towards your first stop…

Maisel Synagogue

Not only is this monument less frequently visited, it’s also cheap to access and just an absolute pearl to marvel at. Not just the outside is a strike of excellence – the building also holds many stories and myths to discover. The entry fee is CZK 200.00.

Photo: V. Gautschi

From the Synagogue, you might want to save your parents the walk through busy Dlouhà street, where tour groups meet and cars try to break through. Instead, opt out for Maiselova street and head towards Old Town Square.

National Gallery

Your second stop is actually sitting right next to Tyn Church: The National Gallery. With a free entrance on October 28th, 2019 and November 17th, 2019 to their museum, the National Gallery in Staroměstska is definitely worth a visit. The best part? It’s a small section that is open to the public and not much walking is needed. Visit the second oldest gallery after the Louvre and marvel at masterpieces of Czech and international artists right in the heart of the center.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Old Town Square

Of course, you know what to do when leaving the National Gallery: Show your loved ones around the main most beknownst square of the capital. Tell them about the myths and legends of Tyn Church, Jan Hus Statue and the Astronomical Clock, then head to Zelezna street, to get to your next stop.

The Estates Theater

Whether you just want to show your visitors where Mozart’s Don Giovanni premiered or take them to a play, the Estates Theater is an absolute must-see. Despite the theater standing in the middle of the city, some tickets start at CZK 160.00, making it affordable for everyone interested. Check out their next plays and get your ticket for the visit of your parents.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Marvel at Muzeum

From the Estates Theater, follow Zelezna street towards Wenceslas Square and let your parents marvel at the beauty of the renovated Muzeum. After a few pictures, take them down towards Vodičkova and hop on a tram to Národní třída.

Take a Break at Supertramp

Every tour needs a break. And Supertramp is so conveniently located that it seems like almost a must to settle down in Supertramp Café’s cute and cozy garden and sip an expertly brewed cup of coffee. When all of you have regained some strength, move onto the National Theater and down to the river shore – if the legs are not too tired yet – and lead them to the Dancing House (or make use of tram 17 to get you there within 2 stops). Old Town in & out – with no more walking than 1.5 hours!

Photo: V. Gautschi

Břevnov & Castle Area

Old Town’s excursion on one day, the castle on another. To give the Castle visit a little more flesh to the bone, you should follow our little guide through the Břevnov Monastery. to the Castle Grounds.

Břevnov Monastery & Brewery

Why not start off at a different spot than other visitors do? By hopping on tram 22 and getting off at “Břevnovsky Klaster”, you get to show your parents around on the grounds of Břevnov Monastery. The area is relatively small and yet there is much to see, such as the brewery, where they produce Benedict beer. That calls for a break in the “Šenk”, with outside seating available.

Public Transport: Tram 22 to ‘Břevnovský klášter’

Brevnov Monastery on an ordinary day

Marvel at Strahov’s Monastery

From one monastery to another: Hop on tram number 25 to avoid a 30 minutes long walk and get off at “Malovanka”. Lead your parents to the well-known Strahov Monastery Library and explore the weird little bits and pieces that live in it.  From here, move on to the next stop and…

Go for a stroll through the Castle Town to Černínského Palace

You can either opt out for a direct walk over to the Castle building and St. Vitus Cathedral or loop around the Loreta building and visit Černínského Palace – if you want to show your loved ones something others often miss out on. From here, follow the trail back to the Castle grounds. The Lobkowicz Palace and its beautiful gardens are well-worth the 10 minutes stroll from the castle (downhill) to the tram stop.

Visit Petřin

If your parents are still up for it – and your legs don’t feel tired yet, too – simply hop on tram 12 and get off at ‘Hellichova’ and visit famous Petřin Tower. The railrack road up is included in the transport ticket and makes it easy to go explore the maze of Petřin and its tower – even for people that are not so good on foot.

Petrin Hill in blossom

Vinohrady & Žižkov

After having squared away the most important places to visit, let’s dive a little deeper into the city to get its feel, shall we?

Vitkov Monument

For example by visiting Vitkov Monument. This huge building made of granite, the statue of Jan Zizka towering over the area is well worth a leisurely 15 minutes stroll around Vitkov Hill and makes for a perfect Sunday Walk with your parents. If you’re interested in the history of Jan Žižka and the Battle of the important hillside, dive into the past by visiting the exhibition in the place. The place is easily accessible by trams 10, 16, 9 and 11 to ‘Biskupcova’.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Vinohradska Vodarna

The old water tower in Vinohrady is just absolutely beautiful to look at and most probably on your way from Naměsti Miru to Jiřího z Poděbrad on tram 10 or 16. The adjacent rose garden beckons you to take in the beauty surrounding you in while resting your legs. You can also already see your next stop from here…

Photo: V. Gautschi

JZP Square

Of course, you can’t let your parents go back home without having shown them the square of Jiřího z Poděbrad, its famers market and trendy cafés, wine bars and bakeries. Whether you want to sit down for a cup of coffee at Bistro 8, introduce your folks to the delicious pastries of Antoninovo Pekarstvi or let them try some wine from Vinotéka Noelka: JZP has it all! The area is rather small and thus not much walking is needed. If you want to make the step counter on your phone go up, however, take them to…

Photo: V. Gautschi

The Parks: Havlickovy Sady, Riegrovy Sady & Parukarka

Riegrovy Sady being the closest one to Jiřího z Poděbrad, it makes sense to take your parents there when visiting JZP. The best time to bring them there and let them marvel at Prague’s Castle is around sunset. But there is many more parks to discover in the area. Why not bring them to Havlíčkovy sady for a picnic and introduce them to ‘Grotta’, a marvelous monument at the top of Havlickovy Sady?

Parukářka makes for a perfect spot to rest your legs around sunset  and a great spot if your parents are looking for the perfect skyline picture of Prague. You can see Petrin tower, Prague Castle, the TV tower, Karlin and the Vltava from up here – the perfect end to a perfect journey.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Troja Chateau & Stromovka Park

The perfect place to take your parents to on a Sunday afternoon is Troja Chateau. Its orange and white outside with the circular stairs full of statues are a pearl and hold exhibitions on the inside. Stroll around the premises, visit the garden of the Chateau and make your way over to the ferry station of Troja to take the latter over to the Stromovka riverbank (the ferry ride is included in the transport ticket).

From here, show your parents Stromovka’s beauty and either go on a long or short walk – whatever the folks feel like. Containall Stromovka will provide shade and a refreshing drink and the Planetarium marks the end of your walk with its rounded roof. A perfect day spent away from the crowds, yet doesn’t involve a whole lot of walking. Trams back to the hotel or Air BnB leave from nearby ‘Výstavište Holešovice’ tram stop.

Public Transport to Troja: Take bus number 112 to ‘Zoologicka Zahrada’


Speculum Alchemiae

Take your parents into the vaults of Prague’s Alchemists. Dive deep into the history of the city and explore the underground operations that Rudolph II put into place to find the elixir to immortality and so-called philosopher’s stone. The underground tour of Speculum Alchemiae will take you down to the secret tunnels and laboratories of Prague’s Alchemysts. The tour is a leisure walk and can be done for CZK 200.00.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Kafka Museum

He is one of Prague’s most famous writers: Franz Kafka. Once your parents are visiting, why not take them on a tour of Kafka’s life and work, to peek behind the wordsmith story of Prague? The cost for a ticket is CZK 260.00.

Dvořák Museum

Are your parents fond of classical music? Prague is not only one of the most romantic cities in Europe, but also was home to many successful composers and musicians. One of them being Antonin Dvořák, honed for his many excellent pieces. All about his life, his works and his music you can discover at the Dvořák museum near ‘Štěpánská tram stop. The cost for a ticket is CZK 50.00.

Photo: V. Gautschi

National Gallery

If your parents are fond of masters of art, you should definitely bring them to the National Gallery in ‘Veletržní palác’. Works of world famous sculptor Antonin Rodin and paintings by Czech artists such as Jan Preiser will greet you and your visitors on a total of 5 levels. The cost of the ticket? CZK 220.00.

Restaurants & Cafés


If you and your parents are looking for the perfect culinary experience, Kofein is your place to go to. With their changing variety of small tapa platters, created by their masterful cooks, every bite is a winner. Along with their vast wine assortment, Kofein makes for a perfect place to enjoy Prague and its culinary richness.

Photo: Kofein Restaurant

Vinohradska Pivovar

Would your parents rather try some Czech Food? No problem! Vinohradsky Pivovar is hands down one of the best places to get a Schnitzel along with a beer fresh from the tank. The bright and modern atmosphere makes for a fresh Czech food experience in Vinohrady.


Feeling like trying something new? Javanka in Vršovice offers a great Indonesian food experience in Prague. Easily accessible by hopping on a tram to ‘Jana Masaryka’ and a short, 3 minutes long walk, will lead you and your parents to a delicious experience straight into a cozy wonderland that serves tasty dishes like Samosas, Rendang and Rujak.

Photo: Javanka Restaurant


For all meat loving folks with parents visiting, we recommend checking out Kantýna, just off Jindrisska street. Let your parents choose from yummy Tartar, Roastbeef & Schnitzel. Kantýna changes their menu daily – but it’s always going to be something finger-licking good. The place is easily accessible and has a cozy charm to it.


If you are looking for something more prestige, Eska in Karlin is the place to take your parents to. Eska not only makes their own bread, butter and pastries, but also has a team of motivated and creative chefs that will make breakfast, lunch and dinner a special event. Whether you choose to sit inside and watch the chefs do what they love, enjoy the fresh air on their outside seating area or go up to the first level to enjoy some mains, is up to you.

One of Eska’s many delicious treats: Buchta

Café Francin

Café Francin is located right off ‘Strossmayerovo namesti’ tram stop and will give you the cozy brunch experience you and your folks are looking for. With great coffee, delicious dishes and a vast assortment of pastries to choose from, this breakfast will surely get your parents ready for a day of exploring the city.

Didn’t find a Café in your district? Find more Cafés in Prague right here!


If you’re wondering where to go for brunch with your parents while they’re in the city, we highly recommend stopping by Cobra. Between their pancakes, eggs benedict and other yummy dishes, it’s hard to choose which one it shall be. Their brunch is on every day 8 – 10.50 am, on weekends until 3pm. Cobra is also a great place for a cup of coffee in the middle of the day or drinks in the evening.




Alfa&Bet is the ‘offspring’ of EMA Espresso Bar near Masarykovo nádraží, with the difference that it offers lots of seating space, a kick-ass brunch menu and even better coffee. The café also has an in-house bakery, so there’s always a hint of freshly baked bread in the air. The glass front gives the place a bright appearance and is a relaxed place to sit down and have a cup – and maybe setting out to explore Libeň after you do so.

Haven’t explored Libeň yet? Find out what there is to see right here!


Photo: V. Gautschi

Bars, Brews & Booze

Ungelt Jazz Bar

What’s better than letting the day end with a litte Jazz and good drink? Ungelt Jazz Bar, located right around the corner of Tyn Church, might just be one of the best places to take your Jazz loving parents to.


Fancy a cocktail with you parents? Moonclub on Dlouhà street, just 3 minutes away from ‘Dlouhà’ tram stop, sets the bar for cocktails in the Old Town high. A cool, modern interior and a bar with hundreds of spirits will make the cocktail experience with your parents a memorable night.

Veltlin Wine Bar

If you’re parents are into wine, Veltin Wine Bar in Karlin is a must stop for you. Book a wine tasting experience and taste different wines from all over the Republic and beyond. The team of Veltlin knows everything about wine, its taste and the story behind the labels. A memorable and intersting experience for you and your parents to share.

Photo: Veltlin Wine Bar

Tiki Taky

If you like Piña Coladas… or are just longing for some island feeling when having your parents over in winter, Tiki Taky Cocktail Bar is your go to place. Nestled in the heart of Žižkov, yet only a 4 minutes walk away from ‘Lipanska’ tram stop, Tiki Taky will take you on a journey to an island far away. Their well-balanced cocktails and the cozy interior will make your parents want to stay for more than one. Make sure to reserve a seat, as the bar is rather small and very popular.

Ready for the next visit of your parents in the city of a hundred spires? Did we miss out on a gem to show your loved ones? Do you have favourite places you take your parents to? We want to hear all about it in the comments! Happy exploring!

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