Around the World in 1 City: Visit some of Prague’s Best International Restaurants and Cafes

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Prague is a city full to bursting with fantastic restaurants. However, if you’ve had your fill of Czech food and you’re looking to try to try something a bit different, keep reading. I decided to put together this list of some of the best and most interesting international restaurants in Prague. Each of the places listed has been tried and tested by me, or has come highly recommended to me by a friend. Many of these restaurants and cafes are places which I still go back to time and time again. You’ll find the more popular cuisines such as Mexican and Indian but also cuisine from some more unexpected nations, which might just surprise you.

A taste of Afghanistan at Kabul

Kabul is Prague’s only Afghan restaurant. The atmosphere here is relaxed and the food is just divine. Afghan food is not known for being terribly spicy but it is known for being packed with flavour. They describe their food as “a heaven of tastes and flavours” and they are certainly not wrong.

You can find Kabul at Krocinova 316/5 and they are open everyday from 11am-11pm.

A taste of America at Bar Food

Ok, so American style food is everywhere these days but what makes Bar Food special is that the food and atmosphere here are totally authentic. This bar is run by a guy from Wisconsin and to quote a friend of mine who is from the States, the food here is “some seriously delicious cheesy business”. Whilst you eat your meal and enjoy the relaxed vibes, you can also entertain yourself by reading some witty quotes about life, which are all over the walls here.

Wall decorations at Bar Food

Wall decorations at Bar Food

You can find Bar Food at Husitska 3 Prague 3. It is open Mon-Thurs 12pm-12am and Fri-Sun 12pm-2am.

A taste of Brazil and Argentina at El Barrio De Angel

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were celebrating our 4 year anniversary and this is where we came to enjoy a delightfully romantic dinner. After walking down a slightly uneven spiral staircase down to the cellar we were greeted by the sound of laughter and the gentle flicker of candle light. Wooden floors and sweeping brick archways over head give the interior of this restaurant quite a unique and striking feel. However, El Barrio de Angel is all about the food. The menu is pretty heavy on the meat, and they are particularly known for their excellent steaks. However you will also find fresh salads, spicy soups, and fish dishes, all prepared in an authentically South American Style. Almost everything on the menu is served with their wonderfully spicy chimichurri sauce.

The interior of Al Berrio De Angel

The interior of Al Berrio De Angel

  • El Barrio De Angel can be found at Lidicka 42 (close to Andel Metro Station). It is open from 11.30am-midnight during the week, 12pm-midnight on Saturdays and 5pm-midnight on Sundays.

A taste of Georgia at Polevkavarna Manana

Polevkavarna is a small Georgian style cafe and is a great and cosy lunch spot, offering tasty and authentic Georgian dishes. It is known for its fresh and tasty soups which are different each day. They also offer fresh salads, pastries and freshly made deserts.

Freshly prepared cakes

Freshly prepared cakes

Polevkavarna can be found at Bělehradská 643/77 Prague 2 and is open from 7.30am-10pm Mon-Fri, though it is closed st the weekends.

A taste of India and Bangladesh at Curry Palace

It can be difficult to find good quality food in Prague for a reasonable price but this place is one of the few that pulls it off. Curry Palace has been my favourite Indian restaurant in Prague for many years. Why? Because the food is fresh, authentic and tastes divine. The staff are always smiling and prices are very resonable. A wide range of traditional Indian and Bangladeshi dishes are served here. There are curries here which will blow your socks away with spice but there are also many milder options. Definitely recommended.

  • Curry Palace can be found at Jireckova 3, Prague 7
  • It is open Mon-Fri 11am-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 1pm-10.30pm.

A taste of Mexico at Cantina

With this one I’m going to keep it short. Cantina is fun, cosy and full of soul, so check it out for the tastiest Mexican food you’ll find in Prague. I absolutely love Mexican food, so this place is a big favourite of mine.

The bright and cheerful interior at Cantina

The bright and cheerful interior at Cantina

  • Cantina can be found at Ujezd 38, Malostrana and is open everyday from 11.30am-midnight

A taste of Spain at La Bodega Flamenca

La Bodega is a real hidden gem and a great place to spend an evening with friends. It has a bustling, energetic vibe, cheap drinks, excellent food and some really interesting interior decor. The paella here is just delicious and they also offer a good selection of tapas. La Bodega is close to my heart, as I lived in this neighbourhood when I first moved to the city and spent many fun and relaxed evenings here.

La Bodega Flamenca can be found at Šmeralova 5, Prague 7 and is open Sun-Thurs 4pm-1am and Fri-Sat 4pm-3am.

A taste of South East Asia at SaSaZu

If you’re craving the tastes of South East Asia, SaSaZu is well worth a visit. This is an award winning restaurant with a captivating and mystical atmosphere. The chef only uses fresh ingredients and all dishes are inspired by the many years he spent travelling throughout South East Asia. For food full to bursting with taste, passion and colour, it would be tough to beat SaSaZu.

The interior at SaSaZu

The interior at SaSaZu

  • SaSaZu can be found at Bubenské nábřeží 306, Prague 7
  • The kitchen is open Sun-Weds 12pm-11pm, Thurs-Sat 12pm-1am.

A taste of South Korea at Bibimbap

This small Restaurant serves authentic South Korean style food. All dishes are freshly made on the premises and are always prepared using authentic Korean ingredients. The food you will be served at Bibimbap is just the same as you would taste on the streets of South Korea. This place came highly recommended to me by a friend who lived in South Korea for many years. Bibimap finally ended his search to rediscover truely authentic South Korean cuisine in Prague.

Grilled and Seasoned Yangnyeom-Dak-Gui.

Grilled and Seasoned Yangnyeom-Dak-Gui.

Bibimbap can be found at Chlumova 612/1 Prague 3 and is open Mon-Fri 11am-10pm Sat 12pm-10pm (closed on Sundays)

A taste of Tibet at AMA Tibetska Restaurace

I’ll start by admitting that I’m yet to visit AMA, as it only opened it’s doors relatively recently. I decided to include it in this list because it has already been recommended to me by so many people, which is impressive considering it hasn’t been around that long. The owners of this place are actually from Tibet and their mission is to cook tasty, authentic tibetan food like their mothers used to (AMA actually means mother in Tibetan).

Tibetan Cuisine

Tibetan Cuisine

  • AMA can be found at Slavikova 1608/15, Prague 2. It is open from 11.30am-10pm Mon-Thursday, 11.30am-11pm Friday and 12pm-11pm at the weekends.

A taste of Uzbekistan at Samarkand

For this next tip, I must credit my friend Gwyneth, who is somewhat of a guru when it comes to eating out in Prague. As soon as I mentioned that I was putting this article together, she insisted that I simply must include Samarkand.

Samarkand boasts a beautifully designed interior, with hand carved furnishings imported from Uzbekistan. The food is all freshly made by an Uzbek chef and is prepared using traditional methods and authentic ingredients.



Samarkand can be found at Ricni 1 Prague 1 and is open everyday except Monday from 11am-11pm.

A taste of Vietnam at Pho Vietname Tuan & Lan

This isn’t really a restaurant or a cafe. It’s actually a takeout place with a couple of tables inside but the food here has a phenomenal reputation and as a result, the place is normally packed with customers waiting to order. It is for sure some of the best Vietnamese food you will get in the city.

  • Pho Vietname can be found at Slavikova 1657/1 and is open every day from 10am-10pm




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