Comedy in Prague: A Night at the Czech Inn

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Whether you’re a local, an expat, a family on a city break or a group on a stag/hen party, a comedy club is always a safe bet for a fun evening.

While Prague regularly hosts huge stand-up comics such as Louis CK and Jimmy Carr, there are also some opportunities to watch more amateur comedians for a significantly lower price.

The Czech Inn, located in the Krymská area of Prague, hosts an open mic night every Tuesday from 8 PM, where aspiring stand-ups ascend to the stage and perform their routines to a crowd of spectators.

Velvet Comedy Night at Czech Inn Hostel

Velvet Comedy Night at Czech Inn Hostel

Last week, I went to the event to see what all the hype was about.

A Friendly Atmosphere

The Czech Inn can be accessed easily via bus or tram, as it sits right next to the tram stop Krymská. Just hop on the tram number 22 or 4. You can also get the 135 bus to the same stop, or take a short walk from metro stations I.P. Pavlova or Náměstí Míru.

Of course, you can also always get an Uber at a discounted rate using our special code: PRAGUEGO.

The Czech Inn is a large, pretty hostel, and the comedy event is located in the basement underneath. It’s a cosy atmosphere with a good amount of seating and friendly staff.

Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a happy hour was in progress between the hours of 6 and 8. This meant that beer was available for 25 CZK, and cocktails for an impressive 50 CZK. A good start to the evening, indeed.

The fee to see the show was 100 CZK, which is certainly affordable, especially considering that it came with a free shot. Performers, of course, don’t have to pay. We settled into our seats by the stage, and prepared to have our sides split.

Impressive Amateur Comedy

I was impressed with the quality of performers, although of course this changes every week and it’s impossible to predict how good the line-up will be on any given date.

The real fun comes from the intimate setting and sense of camaraderie – everyone is on the comedians’ side and wants to support them and make the experience as welcoming as possible.

There was a wide variety of different acts, with varying levels of experience. The types of humour ranged from dark to absurd to observational, covering the entire spectrum of comedy in just a few hours.

Each comic had seven minutes to perform their routine, so the time flew by quickly, and by the end we were left hungry for even more, yet satisfied with what we had seen.

A Vibrant Location

I was working early the next day, and had already fallen victim to the free shots and cheap beer, so I decided to head home fairly early.

For the more fortunate, however, the Czech Inn is located in a busy area full of bars and pubs, so after the show finishes there is plenty of opportunity to keep the party going in the neighbouring areas.

The Bad Flash bar, which is just across the road, boasts a great selection of craft beers and IPAs from around the world, and is an extremely nice atmosphere.

For a fun evening of entertainment and laughs at a very reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the Czech Inn comedy night. It’s a laid-back affair, welcoming to everybody, and a far cry from the expensive and exclusive clubs that are commonly found in other city centres.

So if you happen to be around on a Tuesday evening, you should definitely check this little place out.

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