Let it Snow: Where to Ski and Snowboard in Czech Republic

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The probably best thing that comes with the cold is the ski and snowboarding season. Even though Czech Republic’s mountains might not be as high as Switzerland’s or Austria’s, they are absolutely worth checking out – and an experience you should not miss out on if you are living in Prague.

Back home it all seems fairly easy: Renting, arranging the transport and the ticket to the mountain. In a foreign country, it is a littler harder to start with. But have no fear: With our guide on where to ski, rent and how to organise the trip to the mountains, you are ready for the snowy season in the Republic!

Where to Rent

Before you are headed off, let’s plan your ski trip right. While most of the regions offer ski rentals, we recommend getting your skis and snowboards in the city. Not only will that save you a buck, you also will not need to queue once you arrive at the mountain. Our favourite rental shop is ‘Neklan Sport’, located in Prague 10. Simply hop on tram 13 or 22 and get off at ‘Čechovo náměstí’. The shop is located right around the corner from the tram stop. The staff is very friendly and can speak English if your Czech skills are not so great yet. Neklan’s team will help you find the fitting pair of shoes and skis – and if you do not possess a helmet, goggles or gloves, you will surely find the right piece for sale or rent. Another great place to rent is ‘CZ SKI’, located right off Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov tram stop.

Photo: Vanessa Gautschi

Where to Ski

Now for the real thing! You got your snowboard, got your ski clothes and are ready to go. Even though Czech Republic is a rather flat country – especially for expats that are used to steep slopes – there are great spots to have some fun in the snow. All of these ski regions are accessible within 3 hours tops from Prague.



Located near Karlovy Vary – Northwest of Prague – 28 slopes and 29’350 meters of snow await you! With wonderfully prepared slopes in places like Boži Dar (God’s gift), Jáchymov and Klinovec, the ski resort on the German border is bound to give you a great skiing experience in the Republic. The best thing? The region is not as crowded as others such as Špindlerův Mlýn, leaving enough space for everyone to enjoy their skiing day.

The longest and widest slope in the country – with 2’950 meters length and 100 meters width – is located in Jáchymov.

Photo: Pixabay

Freestyle and freeride fans can look forward to the Funpark as well as 2 kilometers of ungroomed ski slopes of natural snow (if the weather conditions allow it). The Funpark is home to the only FIS sized halfpipe – a beast of an obstacle!

If you get a multi day ski pass for Klinovec, this will also grant you access to the neighboring ski area in Germany – Fichtelberg. Altogether, the two regions offer snow fans 34 kilometers of snow and fun. And in order to get to the different ski regions, the ski resort offer a free ski bus, so you can jump between the mountains for an excellent day in the snow.

For all those who prefer skiing in the dark, Klinovec has the optimal offer, too! From 4pm till 9pm, Night skiing is available. Do not forget to bring suitable accessories if you do the run in the darks! A special experience for all those who want the slopes – almost – to themselves.

Season: End of November – March
Transport: Cityski
Price: CZK 800.00 for bus and day ticket with Cityski / CZK. 790.00 Day Pass


Červenohorske sedlo

The skiing region located in the Northeast of Czech Republic is a pretty decent resort, and the nature over there is absolutely breathtaking. The Jeseniky mountain region does not have that many resorts, but people refer to it as a tiny British Columbia! On 1013 meters above sea level, one of the most famous downhill skiing resorts in Moravia arises. 

Červenohorske sedlo is a rather small region to ski in. Offering 1 cable car and 8 ski lifts, it makes the perfect snow day in Czechia! Choose between terrains, up your slalom skills or go cross country skiing! There are trails for cross country skiers from Červenohorský sedlo to both sides of Hrubý JeseníkThe most sought-after route is the runs on the southern slopes of Velký Klínovec, the Švýcár and the Praděd area.

Season: 25th December – 19th March
Transport: Cityski (from Brno)
Price: CZK 700.00 Bus and Day Pass through Cityski / CZK 550.00 Day Pass at Cash Desk


Lipno Kramolin & Špíčák & Grosse Arber

If you are a pro skier looking for the perfect, steep and wide slopes, the Šumava region might not be for you. Lipno Kramolin Špíčák and their German brother ‘Grosse Arber‘ are attracting people more so because of their absolutely stunning nature than for their ski slopes. Though the runs are groomed and well looked after, it is the utter wilderness, deep forests, lakes and rivers, that will take your breath away. A magical experience on skis in the South of the Republic!

Photo: Pixabay

Šumava is the most pristine region in Czech Republic and well sought after in summer for hikes. The untouched valley however turns into a true Winter Wonderland when the snowflakes hit its ground. Sunsets over Lipno lake are the most romantic thing we have ever seen. But beware: The beauty can be deceptive: The weather in the Šumava region can get quite rough, so be sure to check the weather forecast before you go.

Season: Špíčák and Lipno: November/December – March 2019 / Grosse Arber: 21st December 2018 – March 2019
Transport: Ceske drahy 
Price: CZK 750.00 (Špíčák), CZK 350.00 (Lipno Kramolin), CZK 900.00 (Grosse Arber)

Grosse Arber Area & Sumava / Photo: Pixabay

Across the Border: Hochficht

Ski in Austria, stay in Czech Republic! How that works? By visiting the ski resort ‘Hochficht‘, of course! The ski resort is located right next to the Austrian border, giving you and your friends the perfect opportunity to experience the Austrian snow, while paying Czech standard prices for your accommodation.

Hochficht offers ski sport enthusiasts over 20 kilometers of well-groomed slopes in varying difficulty. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the ski resort in the Southwest has the perfect slopes for you. Thanks to its altitude (933 – 1338 meters), the ski region always gets heaps of quality snow.

If you are considering spending some snow time in Hochficht, you should definitely look into making a weekend trip out of it. Even though the area is quite accessible by public transport, you might want to spend the 3 hours on the slopes and not in the train to get there. We therefore recommend spending the night in one of the many accommodation options on the Czech side of the Hochficht (Nová Pec or Horni Planá, so you can make the most of the day pass you get at the cash desk.

The Hochficht region even offers skibus rides to and from the mountain from various stations. When picking your accommodation, make sure that your host includes a ski bus package – or that the house is located next to one of the stops.

Season: 15th December 2018 – 24th March 2019
Transport: Train to Nová Pec, Skibus
Price: CZK 1’000.00 (Day Pass, hourly passes available)

Winter Glory in the Southeast / Photo: Cityski

Transport & Tickets for the Mountain

Found the right place to go and ski at but wonder how to get there? Companies like Cityski offer a perfect transport and ticket service. Simply find the region you would like to go to on their website, check bus departures and reserve your seat along with a ski ticket for the day online!

When the day of snow comes around, make sure you are going to be at the bus terminal early enough, for they can not wait for saunters! If you miss your bus, you miss the bus and you will not join the others on the slopes. So make sure you get yourself some coffee in a KeepCup and get up a few minutes earlier in order to enjoy the snow.


Are you as excited about diving into the snow as we are? Have you visited any of the regions above? Do you have further recommendations on where to ski and snowboard in Czech Republic? We want to hear all about it in the comments!



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