Up in the Air: Abyss Ropes Course

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Are you an adrenaline freak looking for the best place to experience climbing in the tree tops of Prague? Are you looking for the perfect Sunday activity that differs from the usual Sunday walk? Are you up for testing your sensory skills? Abyss Ropes Course puts beginner and advanced climbers to the test and we set out to experience heights and treetops ourselves. Never heard of it before? Let us introduce you to the treetop paradise of Prague, then.


Where the adventure begins: Abyss Ropes Course

Back  to the Roots

About 10 years ago, a motivated and enthusiastic team decided to share their passion for climbing with the world. With a lot of motivation and love for what they do, the team of Abyss’ Ropes Course shared ideas, put them on paper and executed them to build the first and only ropes course in Prague. By maintaining the park in order to guarantee the safety of every climber and by adding more tracks, features and cool extras, Abyss quickly turned out to be a success – and a paradise for all those that are looking for that little extra adrenaline here and there.

Today ‘Lanovy Park Hostivař‘ is one of the hidden gems that the national reserve of the southeastern district of Prague holds. Ready to schedule your next Sunday walk through Hostivař‘s green forest with a twist?

Start off with a bridge, lose pieces of it as you go further

To go Red or not go Red – that is the question

The world of Abyss momentarily consists of two ropes courses where beginners, amateurs and pros can test their skills. Now, if you are a total newbie as I was, you might go easy and go for the yellow course first. Even the enthusiastic climbers are encouraged to first get a feeling for the ropes course before charging their next challenge. Balancing and climbing on several meters off the ground, some of you might definitely need a little courage to climb up the trees. However, secured on two pitons and observed by professionals, you are completely safe.

The beginners and amateurs course consists of 23 obstacles – but before you suffer from a heart attack, breathe. On this ropes course you are roughly 5 meters above the ground. Even if you lose your balance once in a while, the worst thing that is going to happen is you having a higher amount of adrenaline flowing through your body for a second or two. Abyss takes the security of its customers very seriously and even if you do a wrong turn or move, your butt will not land on the ground – which by the way is patted by leaves and dust. You are a hundred percent fixed to the ropes above you – not just once, but twice, just in case.

Swing – but not too hard. Perfect balance and sensory skills is what you’ll need to make it through Abyss’ labyrinth

Did the yellow course and found it almost too easy despite your fears in the beginning? Then you are ready for the real challenge: Red it shall be, then. Reconstructed and rearranged in 2015, the red track of Abyss holds 21 obstacles to master. “Only 21?”, one might say now – but the 21 obstacles, including 3 sliding ropes, will make even more experienced climbers break a sweat, that is for sure. At an altitude of 8 up to 12 meters, one might just discover an unknown fear of height – or get over it!

Climbing, sliding and balancing in the shade of beautiful pine trees: Abyss Park

In good hands

The great care of the Abyss team might just convince even frightened climbers to take on the yellow  – or even red – challenge. The price of CZK 250.00 for the yellow track includes a great introduction into rope climbing, putting on climbing gear properly as well as the gear itself. A thing we really liked was the fact that the Abyss team lets you put on your gear yourself, so you get the hang of what should go through where – and why. Of course, you are not gonna go up without a proper inspection of your work by one of the professionals on the site. Once you are in your gear, you are going to get an introduction as to what and what not to do to guarantee your safety throughout the whole course. And only then off you go, wiser and safer than before!

The pros of Abyss will make sure to get you across the course safely: the introduction is mandatory – and anything else but boring!

Climbing up a steep ladder – which might just be the scariest part of it all – you notice things on the ground getting smaller as you make your way up to the first obstacle. Obviously, you get to start easy – even though that hanging bridge up in the air might just be enough thrill for the start. Once you get used to the wobbly objects you are balancing on, bridges slowly become little quartered bits to stand on and ropes bridges to swings that will test your balance and ability.

Most importantly though, laughter and happiness reign over fears and scarily swinging ropes. As you go on, cheering for each other and a happy feeling blubbering up in you whenever you overcome another hurdle makes Abyss a great place to connect and team build, too.

When ‘don’t look down’ is no longer an option: One of Abyss’ hanging bridges

The biggest test awaits you all at the end of your courses: The slides. We are going to be honest: When your instructor tells you to jump off the wooden plateau you are standing on with a pounding heart, you need to overcome a voice in your head telling you to not jump. As soon as lay your childhood fear of Peter Pan standing on the plank of Captain Hook and realise that there is no crocodile waiting for you down there and just jump, a moment of indescribable excitement takes over – and next thing you know, you slide 5 – or 12 meters towards the ground screaming, till your instructor catches you and gets you off the ropes to set you down on steady ground again.

The little cherry on top

Though Abyss’ ropes courses are well worth to check out and spend a day in by itself, the team in Hostivař was unwilling to stop just there yet. They are planning to open a third track, sliding ropes that interconnect the currently individual tracks, a high up slack line and even a track for the smallest ones – so you can get them started on climbing safely early on!

Abyss also organises team building events, group and kids programs upon request, which adds more options to the already broad program you get to choose from.

Thy end is near: the last obstacle before your feet are back on the ground

How to get lifted up

Location: K Jezeru, 102 00 Praha 15, Czechia

Directions by bus: Take the bus number 177 from Spojovaci and get off at the stop “Selska” – watch out, this is a request stop! When you get off, follow the street “K Jezeru” towards the water reservoir (swimming pool) for roughly 500 meters.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 13.00 – 18.00 / Saturday – Sunday: 11.00 – 18.00
Prices: CZK 250.00 (per course) for adults, CZK 220.00 for students, CZK 200.00 for kids (up to 14 years old)

Looking for some more information about this unique and fun ropes course? Check out their website and book your appointment for some thrilling Sunday fun right away!

Do you have what it takes to master the Abyss?

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