What’s your Favourite Street in Prague?

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Over the past week or so, I have been asking Prague residents about their favourite streets in the city. The responses were fascinating and the reasons people gave for their choices were pretty varied. Some chose streets because of their beauty, some because of the unique architecture, some because of a certain sense of peace and tranquilly which can be hard to come by in Prague, and some were chosen simply because of the selection of awesome bars and pubs. This weekend, I went to check out a few of the suggestions that were made.

Of course, these are just a very small selection of the simply beautiful, surprising and exciting streets that you will find in Prague. If you have your own favourite that isn’t here, please comment and let us know!

#1: Horska (Albertov, Prague 2)

Horska is a funny little street in Prague’s Albertov district. It is narrow cobbled staircase, which leads downhill from the Museum of Police in the Czech Republic into the centre of Albertov and there are a few surprising things that you will come across if you take a walk down it.

Firstly, there is a surprise terrace with a small sculpture park at the top of the street.

Around half way down the hill, you will see a gate to your right which leads into the beautifully quiet and peaceful Park Ztracenka.

Surprise Park

Surprise Park

At the foot of the hill you will find this intriguing spiral staircase, which you can climb. Although the gate at the very top is padlocked, there is a gate halfway up which takes you out onto some of the city’s original city walls. You can actually walk around parts of them and enjoy some great views of Vysehrad Castle and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Surprise Staircase

Surprise Staircase

#2: Rasinovo Nabrezi (Nove Mesto, Prague 2)

Rasinovo Nabrezi runs along the banks of the river Vltava, so it goes without saying that it is going to be a beautiful spot for walking. However, it made our list because it also boasts some of the best and most eye-catching examples of Cubist architecture in the city. The beautiful Cubist villas, can be seen at numbers 6-10 Rasinovo Nabrezi.



#3: V Kotcich (Staromestska, Prague 1)

This is an interesting one. V Kotcich can be in Old Town, bang in the middle of one of the busy and most touristy parts of the city. However, there is something strange and magical about V Kotcich which means that it is almost always deserted, as a result it has a highly atmospheric and almost ghostly feel to it. It’s almost like entering some kind of strange parallel universe in which Prague never became one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

V Kotcich

V Kotcich

#4: Vlasska (Mala Strana, Prague 1)

Vlasska is another one which should not be as quiet and calm as it is. Vlasska is located just off Malostranske Namesti, an area which is usually packed with tourists. However, when I visited the area this weekend, something strange happened when I turned onto Vlasska. Things became suddenly quieter, I could hear the birds singing and I could happily zigzag backwards and forwards down the cobbled streets without fear of bumping into people. Vlasska is home to two stunning Baroque Palaces (now the American and German embassies). The Italian embassy is also on this street, as Vlasska was home to a large Italian community in the 16th and 17th centuries. As I walked up this street, I was blown away by its charm and its tranquility. If you continue to follow the street uphill, it will eventually lead you to the top of Petrin hill and to the beautiful Strahov Monastery. There are also great views along the way.



#5: Parizska (Josefov, Prague 1)

Parizska is Prague’s very own slice of the Paris lifestyle. It was remodelled in the 19th century to look like a Parisian Boulevard and the effect is rather striking. These days it is home to some of the most expensive and exclusive boutique stores in Prague but even if your budget won’t stretch to a brand new Louis Vuitton handbag there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a stroll down Parizska. The tree lined boulevard is also home to some spectacular architecture and some of the most bizarre and eccentric window displays that you will ever see.



#6: Novy Svet (Hradcany, Prague 1)

This street is made up of quaint and tiny houses, many of which are identified not by number but by illustrated plaques above the doors, which show what the house is named after. This whole area of Prague is simply beautiful and because most tourists are busy being distracted by the nearby Prague Castle, it is generally quiet and peaceful.

To get here, take tram 22 to Brusnice, or you can walk from the castle grounds. Just leave the main Hradcanske Square by Kanovnicka Street.

Novy Svet (New World) Street in Prague

Novy Svet (New World) Street in Prague

#7: Krymska (Vrsovice, Prague 10)

Krymska Street in the Vrsovice district of Prague was recently a surprise entry in a list compiled by the New York Times of the top streets in 12 major European cities. The reason why many people were baffled by Krymska’s inclusion on this list is that it is certainly not one of Prague’s more beautiful streets. Infact, when I first visited this street by daylight a few months ago, the first words that came to my mind were rundown and dirty. However, despite its superficial lack of aesthetic charm, it cannot be denied that in recent years, Krymska has become possibly the hippest and most happening hangouts in the city. Bars, galleries and restaurants have flocked to this narrow, meandering backstreet and there is a real buzz about the area, especially in the evenings.

For more information about Krymska and the district of Vrsovice, check out our article: An Afternoon Stroll though the Charming District of Vrsovice.

If you are planning on paying a visit to Krymska, here are some places that we recommend visiting:

Café and Restaurant Plevel

Plevel has been voted best Vegan Restaurant by the Czech Vegan Association for the past 2 years and after paying a visit here, it was easy to see why.

  • Plevel can be found at Krymska 2, Prague 10
  • It’s open Mon-Weds 10am-11pm, Thurs-Fri 10am-12am, Sat 11am-12pm and Sun 11am-10pm

Café v Lese

Café V Lese is a café/bar/music venue all rolled into one and is a great place for a night out. Its vibe is cosy yet mismatched but most importantly very welcoming. There is regularly live music shows here, which are often free of charge and it’s a fantastic place to check out the up and coming talent on the Czech music scene.

  • Cafe V Lese can be found at Krymska 12, Prague 10
  • It’s open Monday-Sunday 4pm-2am
Cafe V Lese

Cafe V Lese

Incider Bar

Incider Bar is the only bar in Prague which is totally dedicated to cider and they really know their stuff. The cider you will find here is top quality and they have 40 varieties to choose from.

  • Incider bar can be found at Krymska 26 and is open every day from 4pm-12pm

#8: Borivojova (Zizkov, Prague 3)

Borivojova Street in the District of Zizkov is a street that would require a whole article to itself to really do it justice. It is said to have more pubs per square metre than any other street in the Czech Republic. This alone sounds like a good enough reason to check it out! This street is another one which is not exactly known for its aesthetic appeal but it does have a certain dilapidated charm about it. If you’re planning a bar crawl along this long, cobbled street, here are some places where we recommend stopping off:

Bow Bar

Bow Bar is a brilliant place for a fun night out and they stay open pretty late (until 2am). You will find big squishy sofas, cheap drinks, 4 bowling lanes, darts boards and pool tables. The only problem with Bow Bar is that you could get so comfy here that you would end up not seeing what else Borivojova has to offer.

  • Bow Bar can be found at Borivojova 83 and is open from 3pm-1am (Mon-Thurs) and 3pm-2am (Fri-Sat) It is closed on Sundays.

Boulder v Siti

Boulder v Siti is simply a bar with several rooms where you can climb. The place boasts a very laid back atmosphere and there are climbing walls suitable for both experts and beginners.

  • Boulder v Siti can be found at Borivojova 104 and is open from 4pm-11pm


Bukowski’s means shabby yet elegant décor coupled with a warm, cosy vibe and killer cocktails. Who could ask for more?

  • Bukowski’s can be found at Borivojova 689/86 and is open every day from 7pm-1am
Bukowski's Bar is Famous for Their Excellent Cocktails

Bukowski’s Bar is Famous for Their Excellent Cocktails

For more information on the district of Zizkov, check out our article A Guide to Zizkov: Prague’s Most Vibrant and Edgy District.

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