A Magnificent Flea Market has landed: Terminál Žižkov

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Enjoying the hustle and bustle around one, finding hidden treasures and haggling for bargains – who does not love flea markets? Prague knows many places where one can spend an autumny Saturday out and about and finding the perfect new piece for the flat or an unique gift to bring back from your trip. 

Finally, Žižkov gets its very own, too! Since the 8th September 2018, bargain shoppers and flea market fans living nearby or willing to travel to Žižkov now find what they are looking for – and more – on the newly opened market space! This weekend, Prague 3 has introduced its very first flea market and fair. And while lots of flea markets around town are only open for a very limited window of time only – leaving late shoppers standing in front of locked doors or empty stands – Terminál Žižkov gives you a 7 hours window on three days of the week(end) to find the piece you are looking for.

Prefer writing your letters home on a typewriter? You know where to find it.

What awaits you on your next treasure hunt and how you can make someone happy with your stuff that is only collecting dust in your closet, you find out right here.

One building, many Purposes

Nákladové nádraží Žižkov and its past

What once was opened as a freight train station in 1936 to take the pressure off of Prague’s (passenger) train stations, ceased to be the same in the year 2002 to become warehouses, storage buildings and retail space. In 2010, the three-winged main station building was denoted as a national cultural monument and lost its safety net to keep development industries from using the area in order to construct new residential areas and offices. The protection status of Nákladové nádraží Žižkov was secured again in March 2013 due to its historical, technical and architectural significance. However, development of offices and living space is still planned.

Until 2018, Nákladové nádraží Žižkov not solemnly served as a retail and storage space but also as a cultural meeting place with great beer, outdoor cinema in summer, food festivals and musical contributions. But everything needs to come to an end and so did the colorful era of the alternative art and beer space in Žižkov’s train station, which is being missed by many of us.

However, they say sometimes things need to go in order to create space for new beginnings – which is why we now get to go to a wonderfully diverse and bustling flea market every Saturday and Sunday! A team of creative minds and fans of simplicity put together the most authentic flea market experience in the city so far – with great gadgets and things you did not even know you wanted!

Find treasures, bargain and take your acquisition home

Whether it is furniture, household necessities or antiques you are looking for – Terminál Žižkov surely holds a treasure or two for everyone.

On the lookout for a new bike or winter wheels? Terminál Žižkov will set you up!

Sellers offer items such as collectible pieces (stamps, buttons, coins, etc.), electronics, clothing, jewelry, household items and furniture – in short: just about everything one person won’t need anymore and might make another person happy! Once you find the item your heart desires, it is time to get your Czech on and ask “Kolik to stoji?”. Once you get an answer either acquire or haggle with the seller and make the beautiful piece yours. Besides getting magnificent and unique pieces, it is just wonderful to stroll through the premises and marvel at the witnesses of a time long forgotten.

All buttoned up: special collections of buttons, coins and more are yours to be found

For all collectors of stamps, antiques or coins, we got some good news, too: There are heaps of collectors willing to pass on their treasures to a fellow enthusiast of paintings, old currencies and Bulgarian tea mugs.

Since haggling and searching for treasures can be fairly exhausting, refreshments – such as beer – and a bistro await you on site to make sure that your flea market day will live up to its expectations.

Treasure hunting makes hungry: Terminál Žižkov has thought about filling your stomach, too!

Don’t need it? Sell it!

How to become a seller at Terminál Žižkov

Where there are no sellers, there are no buyers – and thus, Terminál Žižkov’s crew wants to encourage people that have to sell goods by making the same an affordable adventure for them. This, to reach their ultimate goal of introducing a flea market with a wide and changing product range, so every trip to the market will be a surprise as to what you might find this very day at Terminál Žižkov.

Unique and ancient pieces: Terminál Žižkov has it all

You got some stuff at home that you yourself won’t use anymore but might be just the thing someone else is in need of? Why not become a seller at Terminál Žižkov, then? Becoming a seller at the fair is fairly easy: Simply register with Terminál Žižkov right here, pay the stand fee (which you can look up right here) upon arrival, get your 5×10 meters wide selling area and you are ready to go!

Well, almost, that is. In order for you to have a great day at the market as a seller, you might want to bring something to sit on, a table or mat to present your treasures on, some return money and price tags. Got everything? Then take off and land at Terminál Žižkov!

Even flower lovers find what they are looking for at Terminál Žižkov

The team of TŽ opens the gates for sellers at 6.00, so you have enough time to set up your very own stand. First entry for customers starts at 7.00. If you’d like to stay the night before the big sales day on the premises, Terminál Žižkov offers possibilities to stay on campus.

Where, when and how

Plan your visit to the flea market

To get to this unique flea market, simply take tram number 11, 16 or 10 from Flora or number 9 from Olšanské náměstí  and get off at ‘Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov’. One can not miss the many signs that are advertising the flea market – simply follow the rocket – Terminál Žižkov’s mascot – leading the way to ‘Mars’ and within 2 minutes walk you are gonna be on the premises where bargain dreams come true! If you have a feeling that you will carry home something bigger than the trams are able to transfer, simply park your car on the site for CZK 50.00/day (for cars up to a height of 190 cm).

Simply follow the rocket to treasures, bargains and fun!

The fair and flea market at Nákladové is bound to happen every Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Flea markets usually happen on Saturday mornings only – this one though not only gives you three days of hunting treasures but also whole days of doing so. Every weekend from 08.00 till 15.00, holders of ancient gems and other treasures will find their way to Terminál Žižkov in order to give you the flea market experience you want.

The entrance fee to access this wonderful gem on the border of Prague 3 is only CZK 10.00 – so you got more money to spend on the roughly 6000 of fair space.

Useful Vocabulary for a successful day at the Flea market

Kolik to stoji? – How much does this cost?
To si vezmu. – I’ll take it.
To je moc drahé! – This is too much!
Mohu Vám dát … korun – I can offer you … CZK
Děkuju Vám. – Thank you.
Ne děkuji. – No, thank you.
Nepotřebuju tašku. – I do not need a bag.

Haven’t checked out the Terminál yet? Then take off right now and spice up your Saturday – or Sunday – with a treasure hunt of a different kind! Whether you are a collector of rare items, a visitor looking for a unique souvenir or an expat in need of a new bike – Terminál Žižkov is the place to get your next treasure from!


Not for sale, but pretty to look at: Terminál Žižkov is also nice for strolling through and marvel at others’ belongings

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