Uber in Prague Just Got Cheaper by 13%

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Fantastic news for all Uber users. Uber Taxi in Prague just got cheaper, on average by 13%. It looks like Uber is still trying to find the best balance in pricing. After two (or maybe three) price increases, Uber Prague is now decreasing the price for the first time ever. It was an expected move, because other taxis were a better deal for short distances which took more time (due to traffic). Now, however, Uber pricing is very competitive.

UberPOP in Prague Just Got Cheaper by 13%

UberPOP in Prague Just Got Cheaper by 13%

The price change affects only UberPOP (UberX), and prices of UberBLACK remain unchanged. You can see the price comparison in the table below:

Taxi Service UberPOP (OLD) UberPOP (NEW) UberBLACK Average Taxi
Price per Kilometer 12 CZK ($0.50) 11 CZK ($0.45) 27 CZK ($1.10) 24 CZK ($0.90)
Price per Minute 5 CZK ($0.20) 4 CZK ($0.17) 6 CZK ($0.25) N/A
Base Fare 30 CZK ($1.20) 27 CZK ($1.15) 40 CZK ($1.60) 40 CZK ($1.60)
Airport to Downtown 360+ CZK ($15.20+) 340+ CZK ($14.30+) 650+ CZK ($27.40+) 450 CZK ($19.00)

To learn more about Uber in Prague read our full article, which includes also a coupon for a free ride:

Uber in Prague

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