The Must-Go Festival of the Summer: Beach Bál Music Fest

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Summer 2018 is slowly coming to an end. You have lived through Prague’s heat wave, done a lot of swimming and drank a lot of beer in Prague’s wonderful beer gardens. All too soon though, you will find yourself sitting in your deck chair and suddenly feel a drip of water on your forehead. Maybe from the kid that just jumped into the pool? Unlikely, the pool is about 10 meters away. Maybe someone spilling their drink on you? No, that would have been more liquid drizzling down your face. This is something else. An unknown and during the hot summer months forgotten substance: RAIN!

It is true, autumn is just around the corner – let’s not even talk about the fact that winter is, too. But before Summer is going to be officially over and your summer wear takes its seat in the back of the wardrobe, the guys from žižkovšiška will whisk you away for fun, sun and sounds at the Czech beach one last time! It is Vamos a la Playa’s second year – and the boys will pamper you not only with great live music and good vibes but also a top location and a shuttle bus that takes you to summer paradise! Keen to hear more? Don’t miss out on the coolest summer end festival in Czech Republic and mark the period from 31st August 2018 – 2nd September 2018 as booked for ‘a hella good time’!

Live Music

What would an event organised by šiška be without top notch live music? Exactly: Simply impossible! To the summer jam in the countryside, the team of šiška has invited the smoothest singers and most creative players far and wide. Showcasing some of their favourite bands and acts throughout the day to early evening and having top Dj’s on board that’ll make you dance the night away, your ears will definitely get their money’s worth.

Line Up


19.00: Rumbalgia

Starting off Friday evening, Rumbalgia will herald Vamos a la playa’s second edition and prepare you for your festival weekend in beautiful Branžež! Get ready for a weekend full of party with the Rumba flamenca & catalan Barcelona beats Rumbalgia has to offer! With a hot-blooded tempo influenced by Cuban music, the guys of Rumbalgia know how to make a crowd go crazy. Rumba and Spanish party vibes give Rumbalgia’s music the unique sound we all so love. Ready to rumble? 

Refreshingly hot-blooded: That’s Rumbalgia! / Image: Rumbalgia

20.00 : Eddy Allen

A multitasking artist on his packed tour has freed his schedule up to come and play for you by the lakeside! Solo artist Eddy Allen works with a loop station, his nylon stringed guitar, his voice and drums – and dang, he does it well! A modern one man band with self composed songs from travels and sing-along songs he brought back from his travels are yours to enjoy live at Beach Bal and will surely take you on a trip around the world!

Looping good: Eddy Allen / Image: Eddy Allen Music

21.30 : Cumbia Cooperativa

A group of young and talented musicians give an ancient tradition a new face! Cumbia – a traditional folkloric rhythm combined with traditional dances of Colombia – has never been more explosive than since Cooperative Cumbia decided to get together and jam their hearts out. Let the incredible mix of Latin, Spanish and Czech influences take you to another world, far away from the city’s hustle and bustle!

What happens if you pair Czech vibes and Latinamerican sounds? Cumbia Cooperativa! / Image: žižkovšiška

23.00 : DJ Mutanism

Not following rules, but making them – that’s DJ Mutanism. Natural mystic dance vibes will take you in their ban, as they did many crowds before. Going against the mainstream and not following trends, this Portuguese DJ spiced up the local music scene upon his appearance in 2015. This year he’s on board the Summer Beach Bàl and will fire you up for sure!

DJ Mutanism’s sounds will even make the biggest dance grump move its feet! / Image: žižkovšiška


14.00 : OKSYI

English language meets Slovak talent. OKSYI puts her heart into her music and that you get to feel hearing when hearing her voice and seeing her performing. With both English and Slovak songs, her showcase is diverse, refreshing and great for enjoying the last beams of the summer sun!

Multilingual vibes await you with OKSYI / Image: OKSYI

15.00 : Justin Lavash

This gentleman keeps on crossing the borders of Blues, Folk and Jazz in all the right ways, creating an unique and absolute fantastic sound. Justin’s control over guitar strings fascinates his crowd wherever he is. A must-hear and see gig!

A jazzy and smooth Saturday with Justin Lavash’s sound is all you need / Image: žižkovšiška

20.00 : Another Slumber Party

You surely will not get to slumber when this party gets started! The sweet and psycho songs about love, people and places will definitely take you in their ban and make you start off Saturday evening with darn good vibes.

Anything but soporific: This powerful Trio will wake up even the drowsiest festival goer / Image: Another Slumber Party

21.00 : Giedi Prime

Saturday’s headliner one of the best bands Prague’s music scene has to offer. Indie, Grunge and Blues define this group’s sounds and the slide guitar riffs will make your hips wanna move like there is no tomorrow.  And not just hips but also heads will be banging to the rock songs Giedi Prime will serve you on Saturday night!

Heads and hips shall bang – to the grungy Indie and Blues sounds of Giedi Prime / Image: žižkovšiška

23.00: DJ Simon Congiu-Shurey (UK)

This Dj is bound to give you an exceptional time on the dance floor! Simon, formerly involved in the illegal free party scene as both DJ and promoter, got his skills from clubs all around the UK in the early 90’s – and has only perfected his style in the past 30 years! Bouncing to a perfect mix of progressive and hard house, trance & drum’n’bass paired with classical, reggae, dub and indie bits, your Saturday night is bound to be a good one!

This gentleman will make your Saturday night a memorable one! / Image: žižkovšiška


11.00: Sakra Buraja

These lovely people from all around the world will make waking up on the last day of your festival experience a blessing: Sakra Buraja’s jazzy sounds, infused by hip hop, punk, savage energy and dance music elements will re-energize you and let you start your last day in Summer paradise accordingly. 

Going in style: Beach music jam session feast

If you are a fellow žižkovšiška-goer, you know what they are all about: Good vibes and even better Jam Sessions. Throughout the summer holiday you could enjoy their tradition outdoors at Camp Žižkov, as we reported. Now, žižkovšiška is taking their Jam to a whole other level and are bringing their equipment to Branžež for a sweet sweet end to blissful summer jamming! So pack your guitar, djembe or trumpet and show us what you got – outdoors, surrounded by a lake and beautiful scenery!

Ready for some outdoor jam action? / Image: žižkovšiška


Even though music & love is all we need, a place to sleep might be nice, too. The guys from šiška have even thought about that – after all they want you to be well-rested to enjoy their line up, the vibe and the beach. Upon entering the festival area, you will find a huge green area, where you can pitch your tent free of charge and rest your bones throughout the night – or day, if you are dancing the night away.

Did you say a beach?!

Yes, a beach. Branžež, located in Český kras – one of to most gorgeous regions in Czech Republic – is home to a man made lake with the name “Komárovský rybnik” and makes one wanting to take a take a dip in its clear water. Optimal after a concert spent dancing and head banging! Have we mentioned that the event is co-hosted by Bar Nebe which will provide you with refreshments to keep you going and enjoy the beach?

How to get there

Public Transport:

Many ways lead to Summer Paradise – and to make sure you have all the options there are at hand, the team of šiška has put up all Public Transport Options online. Check it out right now and find your connection to Heaven!


Simply head north from Prague on Route E65 and don’t forget to get your friends to come along for a road trip to beautiful Branžež. Still got space in your car and want to meet some new friends? Then be sure to share the word in the Facebook Event!

GPS: Kemp Křineč / Bar NEBE, Zakopaná, 294 02 Branžež, Czech Republic.


“That’s all cool and stuff – but how will I get even my travel-lazy friends to the Festival?”. Don’t we all know a person that would totally join the event and be the optimal festival companion but he or she just does not want to leave the city to do so? The šiška-team’s got you covered: Running every morning and evening, the šiška-shuttle will pick you up and take you directly to where the fun is happening. No annoying walk with tents and bags needed – simply hop on the shuttle and convince even your travel-laziest friend to come!


We know: Festival tickets are usually expensive and might sometimes mean that one will not sail to Italy and bake at the beach. This festival however will let you get your yearly dose of festival experience AND leave some money in your pocket for travelling! The full festival ticket for 3 days is only CZK 380.00 – if you are buying your ticket before you get there, the cost minimizes to CZK 330.00!

For all the ones that don’t think they’ll make it for three days in the wilderness, the option of a one day pass is fairly convenient. For CZK 300.00 – or CZK 250.00 when pre-buying – you can get your festival experience even if you have a train to Italy to catch the very next morning.

The ticket price includes the price for your camping spot – so no extra fees! Even better: The full festival tickets include an exclusive žižkovšiška T-shirt!

Didn’t buy your ticket to the coolest summer end festival yet? Then quickly save yourself a spot on the Czech Riviera for a grand festival right here:

  • žižkovšiška (Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 18.00.)
  • Sunday Summer Jam Sessions at Prague Central camp on Sunday 26.08. from 14.00 to 22.00

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