What to Do in Prague this Weekend: Korso Krymska

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There’s only one place in Prague that you need to be this coming Saturday (20/5) and it’s Vrsovice. Vrsovice is a small but charming district of Prague, which this Saturday will be hosting its 5th annual street party, known as Korso Krymska.  Krymska Street is located right in the heart of Vrsovice and it is probably one of the most vibrant, lively and exciting streets in the whole of Prague. It is home to countless bars, bistros, cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques, each of which has its own unique atmosphere and undeniably cool character.

Unsurprisingly, Krymska is going to be the epicentre of the festivities, but you’ll also find many events going on around and about in the surrounding area. Trust me when I tell you that Korso Krymska has something for everyone.

Korso Krymska Fest in 2015

Korso Krymska Fest in 2015

The only down side is likely to be that there’s just so much going on that it would be tough to take in everything. Things will be kicking off from around 11 am and continuing on well into the night, with after parties going on at Café v Lese, The Czech Inn Hostel and the Petrohradska Kolektiv. The roads will be closed off to traffic and there’s going to be live music, workshops, art exhibitions, stands selling tasty treats and no shortage of places to find a drink.

Fancy a Snack?

No street party would be complete without a good selection of food and on this front, Korso Krymska certainly won’t disappoint.  Here are a few not to miss:

Pancake paradise at Galetka

Why not try their pancake with salmon, goat’s cheese, sundried tomatoes and rocket? Or for something a little sweeter, try one with fresh raspberries with sour cream.

Jam and Co

Fancy chicken curry with yellow noodles or stewed pork with wasabi and pickled cucumber? Head over to Prague’s best Asian fusion restaurant, Jam and Co where you’ll also find live music going on well into the night.

Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree is a food truck which serves some of the best Dim Sum to be had in The Czech Republic. Recently, they’ve been popping up quite regularly at events and festivals across the Czech Republic and are generally met with queues of customers. Aside from the traditional Dim Sum, one of their big sellers is the pork bun (pork belly meat marinated in hoisin sauce with scallions and crunchy cucumber on the side).

Plevel (Krymska 2)

Plevel vegan and raw restaurant has been voted best Vegan Restaurant by the Czech Vegan Association for the past 2 years. They will be grilling up some tasty treats that are bound to tempt even committed carnivores and will also be home to one of the main live music stages.

U Syraku

This is the place to find cheese, cheese and more cheese. Hot, sticky and oozy Racette cheese is served with grenaille potatoes  and all manner of tasty accompaniments, such as caramelised onion, roasted mushrooms, chorizo or bacon.

Something to Drink

There’s nothing like a glass of something cold and refreshing on a warm spring afternoon. Here are our picks of places to grab a beverage:

Bad Flash Bar (Krymska 2)

If you’re a fan of beer, you should head to Bad Flash Bar. They brew their own beer, with 4 different kinds to choose from. They also offer an impressive selection beers imported from all over the world.

Bar v Krymsky (Krymska 21)

If you’re in the mood for some cocktails and a bit of dancing, you can’t go far wrong with Bar v Krymsky. They’ll even be serving some extra special cocktails which were created especially for this event.  A live DJ will be playing throughout the day and you could even get yourself a henna tattoo.

Bublinkarna (Krymska 10)

Bublinkarna are specialists in sparkling wine, so this is just the place for lovers of the fizzy stuff. Sparkling wines from all over the world will be available and there will even be tasting and degustation workshops.

InCider Bar (Krymska 26)

I have a major weakness for cider, so InCider Bar is going to be pretty high on my list of places to check out. They offer 6 different ciders on tap and in to honour the occasion, they will also be whipping up some homemade ice cream.

Galeriepiva.cz (Krymska 36)

This is another one for beer lovers.  At Galeriepiva.cz you can sample beers from some of the Czech Republic’s finest microbreweries.

Live Music

Music is the heart and soul of any party. Here are the places to head for some of the day’s best live music:

The Main Music Stages

The bulk of the live music is going to be happening at Jam and Co, Plevel and Bad Flash Bar. A couple of bands to watch out for will be Prague based garage-punk band Old Folks House, who will be playing at 2pm and the delightfully mellow alternative Jazz ensemble Ploy, who will take to the stage at 7pm.

Café v Lese (Krymska 12)

Café v Lese offers a very promising programme of music, which will be headlined by indie-pop ensemble Lake Malawi. Other performers will include master of the indie-dance scene Fred Madison, the funky sounds of Prace a Kone (horses and pigs) in addition to soulful and kooky acoustic duo, Les Flatmates.

The Czech Inn Hostel

The Czech Inn Hostel will also have live music from 12pm-1am. Their programme will include some Brazilian grooves, a fair few live DJs and some live beat making from D’Anthony.

Arts and Crafts

Atelier Poplawska (Francouzska 98)

Polish Designers and sculptors will open up their workshop to visitors and offer the chance to create your own clay based creations. There will also be the opportunity to have a look at some exceptional works created by the present students and teachers.

Dilnicka and Koralkarna Krymska (Krymska 27)

If you’ve ever thought about making your own jewellery, this is worth checking out. Workshops will be running throughout the day, demonstrating how to make your own beautiful earrings, bracelets and necklaces from beads.

Strojovna (Krymska 24)

Strojovna is a pretty interesting social project. They basically employ people who would otherwise struggle to find work to make and repair clothes. By doing this, they are able to teach people valuable skills and also promote a greener and more sustainable attitude towards clothing. All kinds of special events will be taking place here for Korso Krymska, including workshops and Japanese Calligraphy and jewellery making. There will also be the chance to buy some handmade socks, purses and boots.

Shopping and Fashion

If shopping is your thing then look no further, as Vrsovice is home to some super stylish vintage and second hand clothing boutiques. One of the best is BOHO Vintage Concept Store.

BOHO Vintage Concept Store (Francouzska 76)

BOHO Vintage Concept Store is all about creativity and original design. Much of what is sold here is designed especially for the store, there are also some second hand pieces and pieces created by rethinking and restyling older garments. If you’re looking to add some unique items to your wardobe, this is the place to come.

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