The 5 Best Ways to Get From Prague to Kutna Hora in 2019

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Kutna Hora is a historical city in the Central Bohemia famous for its historical center, and monuments like the church/cathedral of Saint Barbara, and Sedlec Ossuary a.k.a. the “Bone Church”. Due to its medieval charm, it is listed as one of the 12 UNESCO Heritage Sites in the Czech Republic. It is also extremely popular among tourists… more than 1 million tourists are coming to Kutna Hora every year. That’s also why we recommend doing Kutna Hora only as a one-day trip.

Kutna Hora was originally a mining town. Rich veins of silver ore run through it, which were discovered in the late 13th century. As a result, the town became enormously prosperous and hints to that lavish luxury can still be seen today.

Church of Saint Barbara in Kutna Hora

Church of Saint Barbara in Kutna Hora

The city itself is quite small (it has only 21.000 citizens) which makes it ideal for a 1-day trip from Prague. Fortunately, it is close and there are many alternative ways how to get there. It takes roughly 1 hour and 80 kilometers to get there by car, bus or train. There are several options and we have listed the best ones for you.

We don’t recommend going there straight from Prague Airport, because first, you need to get to the city center anyway.

HONEST TIP If you are traveling with kids to Kutna Hora, make sure to stop at the GASK gallery (Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region) which is next to the cathedral of Saint Barbara. Besides many interesting exhibitions, it has one of the most amazing kids’ corners.

Kids Corner in the GASK Gallery

Kids Corner in the GASK Gallery

1. Guided Tour (€49)

If you prefer guided tours with local guides, we recommend using GetYourGuide services. For a reasonable amount starting at €49 per person, you will get a two-way transfer by air-conditioned minibus, local guide, 3-course lunch, and tickets to St. Barbara’s Church and the Sedlec Ossuary. So you really don’t need to take care of anything. The disadvantage is group tours are not for everyone.

If you want to save but still like the comfort of being taken care of, you can go with the cheaper option which doesn’t include lunch and instead of private minibus you’ll get there by train. It will cost you only €32 per personlearn more here.

Guided tour includes a transport from Prague by a mini-bus

Guided tour includes a transport from Prague by a mini-bus

✅ Includes two-way transfer by coach❌ Group tours may not fit everyone
✅ Pick up at your place of stay in Prague
✅ Includes local guide, lunch, entrance fees
✅ All handled by the company, so you don't need to think about anything

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2. Train (€5)

The most convenient and budget-friendly way to get to Kutna Hora is via train operated by  Ceske Drahy railways. It’s also the most adventurous one for sure!

The biggest advantage is more space during your travels and going through the beautiful nature and amazing landscapes on the way from Prague to Central Bohemia. The earliest train leaves at 6 AM, so you could be at 7 AM in Kutna Hora. Then it goes every hour. Look for the train “R 975”.

Same as by the car, the ride takes around 1 hour. The one-way ticket costs only €5. Since the last train is leaving 9 PM from Kutna Hora, you really don’t need to stay there overnight and still have plenty of time to enjoy the city.

A train is More Spacious than Bus and Goes Through a Beautiful Surroundings

A train is More Spacious than Bus and Goes Through a Beautiful Surroundings

✅ Low price (€8 / person)❌ You need to travel to Prague Main Station
✅ Comfortable and spacious wagons❌ Stops outside of Cesky Krumlov city center (~2 km)
✅ Beautiful surroundings and nature during the ride❌ Leaves only at 8 AM

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3. Private Driver & Guide (€210)

Welcome Pickups are focusing on private airport pickups and all their drivers are hand-picked and well trained. For the similar price of a taxi or Uber, you will get a private driver with excellent English and knowledge of Prague and Cesky Krumlov who will be also your guide there. So two-in-one!

The driver can take up to 4 passengers, so you can share the costs (around €52.5 when you are a group of four). The driver will be also waiting for you in front of your hotel, the airport or any other location in Prague. The service has excellent ratings on TripAdvisor (5 stars out of 2.500+ reviews) and even received the Certificate of Excellence.

Private Pickup is the Most Comfortable Way to get to Kutna Hora

Private Pickup is the Most Comfortable Way to get to Kutna Hora

✅ Private driver with excellent English❌ Higher price (€145 per car)
✅ Pick up at any address in Prague❌ You need to think of how to get back
✅ Can be combined with the local guide in Cesky Krumlov
✅ Ride takes about 30 minutes less compared to bus/train

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Your day will begin with a personal pick up by your English-speaking driver from your hotel or apartment in Prague. After a 1.5-hour-ride, you will reach Kutna Hora – the small town founded in the 13th century, widely known for its Gothic Churches and historic sites from the medieval/baroque ages.

4. Car Rental (€80)

If you have an EU driving license you are allowed to drive in the Czech Republic. Why not get a car and going there yourself? There are several car rental companies operating in Prague. The estimated cost of €80 per day includes renting an intermediate car (e.g. Toyota Corolla or similar), full insurance and petrol. Getting to Kutna Hora by car is really easy and the distance of 80 kilometers will take you around 1 hour. You are your own master, you can leave any time you want, stop anywhere you want.

However, during the tourist season, it may be quite difficult to find a parking spot at a reasonable distance. We recommend using either Parkoviste Na Valech (Barbora) which is close by and free of charge or Parkoviste Kremnicka which is indoor and costs only 10 CZK per hour.

Renting Car and Going on Your Own Journey to Kutna Hora is Super Fun

Renting Car and Going on Your Own Journey to Kutna Hora is Super Fun

✅ You are on your own and you go/stop whenever you want❌ Quite expensive (~€80 per car)
✅ You can share costs if you go in group of 4❌ Finding a parking spot in Cesky Krumlov may be difficult
✅ Ride takes about 30 minutes less compared to bus/train

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5. Bus (€3)

The cheapest but also the less convenient way to get to Kutna Hora is by bus. Particularly by bus number 381.

But there are two reasons why it’s cheap. The first disadvantage is the Prague stop which is all the way at Haje station (last stop of line C subway). Second is the travel time. It takes almost 2 hours (1 hour and 47 minutes) to get there as the bus stops at more than 40 different stations during the journey.

We honestly DON'T recommend going to Kutna Hora by bus

We honestly DON’T recommend going to Kutna Hora by bus

Unless you enjoy long bus rides we can’t think of any valid reason to chose this type of transport. The train is much more comfortable, faster, and only €2 more expensive.

Recommended Things to do in Kutna Hora

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