Prague, the heart of the Czech Republic, is renowned for its charming architecture, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene. One of the best ways to explore the city is by using its efficient and widespread tram network. For visitors and locals alike, understanding how to pay for tram rides is essential for smooth travel. This article provides a detailed guide on purchasing tram tickets in Prague, including various payment options and tips to enhance your travel experience.

1. Understanding Prague’s Tram System

Prague’s tram system is operated by Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy (DPP), covering most of the metropolitan area with over 20 tram lines operating from early morning until past midnight. Trams are frequent, reliable, and a scenic way to see the city.

A map of tram lines in Prague

2. Types of Tram Tickets Available

There are several types of tram tickets available in Prague:

  • Short-term tickets: These are ideal for tourists. You can purchase tickets that are valid for 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours, or 72 hours.
  • Long-term passes: For longer stays or frequent commutes, monthly and yearly passes are available.
  • Single-journey tickets: These are perfect for one-off travels across the city.
30 CZK30 minutesAdults, juniors, and students
40 CZK90 minutesAdults, juniors, and students
120 CZK24 hoursAdults, juniors, and students
330 CZK72 hoursAdults, juniors, and students
15 CZK30 minutesSeniors 60+
20 CZK90 minutesSeniors 60+

All tickets must be validated at the start of your first journey to avoid fines.

3. Where to Buy Tram Tickets

Buying a tram ticket inside the tram.

Tram tickets in Prague can be purchased from a variety of locations:

  • In tram: Probably the most convenient way is to buy the ticket right on the tram. Each tram in Prague has a small yellow vending machine (pictured above) where you can buy any type of ticket and pay with your contactless card or mobile phone.
  • Ticket machines: Available at most tram stops. These machines accept coins, and some accept contactless credit/debit cards.
  • Tabák (Tobacco) shops: Commonly found around the city, these shops sell various types of tram tickets.
  • Online: Tickets can also be purchased online through the DPP website or via the PID Lítačka app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • SMS Ticket: For a hassle-free purchase, send an SMS with a specific text to the number provided by DPP. This option is great for mobile users. The number for purchasing the ticket is 90206, and the text is DPT31 (30-minute ticket), DPT42 (90 minutes), DPT120 (24 hours), and DPT330 (72 hours). Please see the overview of the SMS texts and costs in the table below.
DPT319020631 CZK30 minutes
DPT429020642 CZK90 minutes
DPT12090206120 CZK12 hours
DPT33090206330 CZK72 hours

4. How to Pay for Your Tram Ticket

Payment options for tram tickets in Prague are versatile:

  • Cash: Traditional but increasingly less common, cash is still accepted in many ticket vending machines and shops.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Many ticket machines and online platforms accept credit and debit cards.
  • Mobile Payment: Through the PID Lítačka app or SMS, mobile payments are convenient and fast.
  • Contactless Payments: Some vending machines at tram stops support contactless payments, including credit cards and mobile pay services.

5. Tips for Using Tram Tickets in Prague

  • Always Validate Your Ticket: Ensure you validate your ticket in the yellow machines inside the tram at the start of your journey.
  • Check the Validity: Be mindful of the validity period of your ticket to avoid penalties.
  • Keep Your Ticket Handy: Inspections are random but frequent, so always have your ticket accessible for checking.

6. Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Forgetting to Validate: The most common mistake is not validating the ticket. Avoid fines by always remembering to validate as soon as you board.
  • Misunderstanding Ticket Validity: Understand whether your ticket is timed or based on the number of stops. The 30- and 90-minute tickets are not valid for the Petrin cable car.


Navigating Prague by tram is not only efficient but also a delightful way to explore the cityscape. With various convenient options to purchase and pay for tram tickets, you can enjoy seamless travel across this beautiful city. Whether you opt for a short-term ticket or a long-term pass, Prague’s tram system is designed to cater to your travel needs, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

By following this guide on how to pay for tram tickets in Prague, you’ll be well-equipped to travel like a local and enjoy all the sights and sounds that this historic city has to offer.

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