Lobkowicz Palace in Prague: Concerts, Museum & Café Restaurant

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Lobkowicz Palace, the only privately owned building in the Prague Castle complex, was built in the 16th century by the Czech nobleman Jaroslav of Pernštejn and completed by his brother Vratislav. Nowadays it is, among other things, home to the highly acclaimed Lobkowicz Collections and Museum. The Lobkowicz Collections is the oldest, largest, and most intact private collection of art and architecture in the Czech Republic.

View of the Lobkowicz Palace (in the middle back)

View of the Lobkowicz Palace (in the middle back)

The Lobkowicz family, one of the oldest and most distinguished Bohemian noble families, has played a prominent role in Central European history for over seven hundred years. The family and The Lobkowicz Collections were nevertheless dramatically impacted by the events of the 20th century. First, the family’s property and possessions were confiscated by the Nazis in 1939, and even though they were returned to the family in 1945, they were soon confiscated again, this time by the Communist regime that took power in 1948.

After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and following the successful restitution, the family established several foundations with the mission of making their important cultural resources available to the public. One of the properties they opened is the Lobkowicz Palace.

Recommended Guided Tours for Lobkowicz Palace

1. Lobkowicz Palace Museum

Probably the main attraction of the Lobkowicz Palace is its museum. It includes the oldest and largest private collection of art and architecture in the Czech Republic. You can also browse the collection online.

The museum is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm and tickets start at $10. Tickets can be purchased online via the official Lobkowicz store.

2. Lobkowicz Palace Café Restaurant

In case you get hungry or just want to enjoy a great coffee, we definitely recommend visiting the Lobkowicz Palace Café located on the ground floor. It offers a great selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, desserts, and of course top-notch coffee and Lobkowicz beer.

Prices are good but you can get the 3-course menu for $14, which is a great deal. The restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. You can view the food and drink menu online.

3. Daily Classical Concerts at Lobkowicz Palace

Everyday starting from 1 pm you can enjoy a 60-minute concert of classical music. The concert is held in the baroque concert hall in the Lobkowicz Palace, which dates back to the 17th century. Capacity is only 100 people.

You can enjoy classical composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Beethoven, plus the famous Czech composers Dvořák and Smetana.

Tickets start at $19 per person and you can purchase them online in the official Lobkowicz store.

4. Location, Map, Opening Hours, Tour Tickets & Entrance Fee

The Lobkowicz Palace’s address is Prague Castle complex, Jiřská 3, Prague 1. It is located right next to the Institute of Noblewomen in the Rosenberg Palace.

The museum at the Lobkowicz Palace is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm and the price of a regular ticket is $10. You can purchase tickets online on the official Lobkowicz store and get a 10% discount.

Entrance ToPriceDiscounted*Families**Buy Online
Museum$10$7$24Buy Online
Concert 1st Category$19$17N/ABuy Online
Concert 2nd Category$15$13N/ABuy Online
Combo I (Museum + Concert 1st)$24$23N/ABuy Online
Combo II (Museum + Concert 2nd)$20$19N/ABuy Online

*Discounted tickets are available to students aged 7 – 26 and seniors past 60 years
**Family tickets are available to families with 1 – 2 children under 12 years and maximum 2 adults
Source: Official Lobkowicz Palace Pricelist

5. Invitation to the Palace From William Lobkowicz Himself

On the video below you can watch the personal invitation and short tour by William Lobkowicz himself.

“Our family’s return to our ancestral home after the 1989 Velvet Revolution was inspired by the seismic world events of that remarkable November. The call of our lost heritage was urgent and compelling, as was the chance to participate directly in the historic changes taking place in what had been the land of our forefathers for over seven centuries. (…) Since that moment (restitution laws in 1990, secured by president Václav Havel) we have been fully committed to our dual goals: restore the family’s cultural heritage through the restitution process (an effort now successfully completed) and make The Lobkowicz Collections available for public enjoyment and scholarly enrichment.
We are humbled and incredibly motivated by the thousands of positive reviews received in our guest books and firsthand comments from our visitors, who are amazed by the accessibility and richness of The Collections at the Lobkowicz Palace Museum and Nelahozeves Castle. (…)

The challenges remaining are many, but for the first time in our family’s history, we feel we have an unprecedented, historic opportunity. Rather than just preserving, we are actively transforming The Collections into an expanded, dynamic and contextual cultural heritage. Through creative stewardship, spirited public-private partnerships and visionary benefactors, we believe we can deliver a truly inspiring connection to civil society and make a lasting contribution to world culture.”

From the message of Sandra and William, members of the Lobkowicz Family, to the public.

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