Prague Districts 01 – 22 – Map Online for Download

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Below is the dynamic map of Prague districts marked into Google Maps. You can filter each district (Prague 01 to Prague 22) using the map legend (arrow in the top-left corner).

Prague is politically divided into 22 districts, which are numbered from 01 to 22, and each district consists of smaller cadastral areas. The most popular districts are the ones located in the city center Prague 01 (Old Town, Lesser Town, Josefov, Hradcany) and Prague 02 (New Town, Vysehrad, Nusle, Vinohrady).

You can also download this map to your computer or phone for free and have it printed:

Prague Districts Map in PDF

Prague Districts Map in JPG

Full List of Prague Districts and Cadastral Areas

Prague DistrictCadastral Areas
Prague 01Old Town, Josefov, Hradcany, Lesser Town, New Town
Prague 02Vinohrady, Vysehrad, New Town
Prague 03Zizkov, Vinohrady,
Prague 04Branik, Hodkovicky, Krc, Lhotka, Podoli, Michle, Nusle, Kunratice
Prague 05Smichov, Hlubocepy, Radlice, Kosire, Motol, Jinonice, Slivenec, Holyne
Prague 06Dejvice, Stresovice, Veleslavin, Vokovice, Ruzyne, Liboc, Brevnov, Bubenec, Sedlec, Suchdol, Lysolaje, Nebusice, Predni Kopanina
Prague 07Holesovice, Troja
Prague 08Liben, Karlin, Kobylisy, Bohnice, Cimice, Troja, Strizkov, Dablice, Brezineves, Dolni Chabry
Prague 09Vysocany, Prosek, Strizkov, Hrdlorezi
Prague 10Vrsovice, Vinohrady, Strasnice, Malesice, Zabehlice, Bohdalec
Prague 11Chodov, Haje, Seberov, Ujezd u Pruhonic, Kreslice
Prague 12Modrany, Komorany, Tocna, Cholupice, Kamyk, Libus, Pisnice
Prague 13Stodulky, Trebonice, Reporyje, Zadni Kopanina
Prague 14Kyje, Hostavice, Cerny Most, Hloubetin, Dolni Pocernice
Prague 15Horni Mecholupy, Hostivar, Dolni Mecholupy, Sterboholy, Petrovice, Dubec
Prague 16Radotin, Velka Chuchle, Mala Chuchle, Lochkov, Zbraslav, Lahovice, Lipence
Prague 17Repy, Zlicin, Sobin, Trebonice
Prague 18Letnany, Cakovice, Treboradice, Miskovice
Prague 19Kbely, Vinor, Satalice,
Prague 20Hornice Pocernice
Prague 21Ujezd nad Lesy, Klanovice, Kolodeje, Bechovice
Prague 22Uhrineves, Hajek u Uhrinevsi, Pitkovice, Kolovraty, Lipany, Kralovice, Nedvezi, Benice

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