4 Best Ways to Get From the Prague Airport to City Center

The 4 Best Ways to Get From Prague Airport to the City Center

Landing at Vaclav Havel Prague Airport and not sure of the best way to get to the city center? We’ve collected all the reasonable options and put them down for you. Prague is notoriously known for its dubious taxi drivers, so getting to the city center could be stressful if you aren’t prepared.

Prague Airport is located approximately 17 kilometers and 25 minutes from the city center (Wenceslas Square) when there is no traffic. The rush hours are usually during working days in the morning (7 to 10 AM) and in the late afternoon (4 to 7 PM). During the rush hour please add 20 – 30 minutes to your ride. The official address is Aviaticka, 16108 Prague 6.

Out of all options, we also don’t recommending taking a taxi because for the same (or even lower) price you can get a much better service with private pickups or Uber.

1. Private Pickup (€22)

Welcome Pickups are focusing on private airport pickups and all their drivers are hand-picked and well trained. For the same price as a taxi (€22), you will get a private driver with excellent English and knowledge of Prague. The driver will be also waiting for you with the welcome sign at the terminal exit. If the flight delayed or canceled? No worries, your driver will be monitoring the flight schedule and will manage accordingly. The best thing is you will land and go right away with no waiting as your car is always ready.  The service has excellent ratings on TripAdvisor (5 stars out of 2.500+ reviews) and even received the Certificate of Excellence.

Private Pickup is the Most Comfortable Way
Private Pickup is the Most Comfortable Way
✅ Private driver with excellent English❌ Higher price (22€)
✅ Pickup at the terminal exit with sign
✅ Land and go (no waiting time)
✅ Driver knows Prague really well

You will be redirected to our partner Welcome Pickups

2. Uber (€16)

The second best option is taking an Uber. Uber has been operating in Prague since 2014 and is now a reliable service which is more popular than a regular taxi. Uber drivers are usually waiting within a 5-minute distance of the airport, so the waiting times are really short. The cost with UberPOP is around €22, but if you will use our promo code “PRAGUEGO” you will receive an €8 (200 CZK) discount! The disadvantage compared to private pickup is you need to wait for your car and sometimes chase it in the parking lot. Also, the drivers’ quality varies and prices may go up during the rush hours.

Taking Uber from the Prague Airport is a Good Choice
Taking Uber from the Prague Airport is a Good Choice
✅ Reasonable price (16€)❌ Higher price during the rush hours
✅ 8€ discount with promo code "PRAGUEGO"❌ Requires Internet connection to book
✅ Short waiting times❌ Quality of drivers varies
✅ Easy booking via mobile app


3. Public Transport (from €1.25)

The cheapest option to get to Prague city center is by using regular public transport which is very cost effective. The bus station is right in front of the Terminal 2 (Exit D). A ticket valid for 90 minutes costs €1.25 (32 CZK) and you can use it for the bus, tram or subway. Just take the bus 119 to Nadrazi Veleslavin where you must transfer to subway line A (green) and you can continue to downtown (Mustek) or any other station. The bus goes every 6 minutes and operates from 4:23 AM to 23:42 PM (last bus) on all days including the weekend. Alternatively, you can take the bus number 100 which goes to Zlicin (yellow subway line B) or bus number 191 which goes to Andel. Check out the video from Honest Guide guys below where it is very well explained.

A bit more convenient is Airport Express bus as you don’t need to transfer to the subway to get to the city center, but it’s also slightly more expensive. The bus station is at the parking lot right in front of the Terminal 1. Tickets cost €2.50 (60 CZK) for adults or €1.20 (30 CZK) for children and you can buy them at the terminal or directly from the bus driver. The bus terminates at Prague Main Station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi) where you can take a subway (line C), tram or go by foot. Please keep in mind the bus schedule – buses operate every 15 – 30 minutes starting at 5:30 AM to 9 PM. The ride takes around 50 minutes (depending on the traffic) and you can use it also on the way to the airport.

Airport Express Bus From the Prague Airport Goes to Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Station)
Airport Express Bus From the Prague Airport Goes to Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Station)
✅ Really cheap price (from 1.25€ / person)❌ Often very overcrowded and busy
✅ No additional charges for luggages❌ Requires transfer to Subway
✅ Leaves every 15 to 30 minutes❌ Less comfortable and slower than a private car
✅ Goes directly to city center with no stopping

4. Shuttle Bus (€11)

A good compromise between a cheap public transport and a private car may be a shuttle bus. It costs only €11 per person and will get you from the airport directly to your hotel or apartment. However, if you are traveling with more than 2 people, it is smarter to take private pickup or Uber. There is also a cheaper version of the shuttle bus which costs only €5.50 per person, but it only goes to the city center (Narodni street). Both shuttles are very comfy and typically a Mercedes Benz minibus with air-conditioning and guaranteed seats. The ride takes from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of stops and traffic.

Shuttle Bus is a Good Compromise Between Private Car and Public Transport
Shuttle Bus is a Good Compromise Between Private Car and Public Transport
✅ Reasonable price (11€ / person)❌ Expensive if you are travelling in a group
✅ Comfortable minibus with air conditioning
✅ Take you directly to your address
✅ Operates 24/7 and leaves every 30 minutes

Whatever option you choose we hope you will have a great time in Prague. If you still haven’t booked your accommodation check out our article on the best Hotels, Airbnb and private apartments in Prague.

FREE UBER Uber taxi works perfectly in Prague and you can ride for free with code "PRAGUEGO".

AIRPORT TRANSFER Get a private transfer from/to Prague Airport for a price of regular taxi (€22).

OUR TIP Make your stay unforgettable with adventure experiences and adrenaline activities.

3 thoughts on “The 4 Best Ways to Get From Prague Airport to the City Center

  1. I appreciate what you said about a shuttle bus being a compromise between cheap transport and a private car. I think that shuttles are very useful, especially in places as busy as airports. If my wife and I travel in the near future, I’ll be sure to consider getting a shuttle to save time and money.

  2. I really liked it when you mentioned that airport transportation lies somewhere in between private and public transport and that the person can be sure that the shuttle will take them straight to their hotel. Maybe I should suggest this to my mom since she’s the one who’s traveling. She did say that private transports are too classy, and public transports will make it hard for her because she has no sense of direction. This is her best option.

  3. Hi does the Airport Express bus drop you off anywhere near Nemesti Repuplicky as my hotel is 2 mins from there. Thanks

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