Prague Castle Palace Gardens: Royal Garden & The Southern Gardens

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Beneath Prague Castle, on a hill above the Vltava river, beautiful, terraced gardens offer refuge and tranquility. Definitely one of the most significant and interesting sights of the Czech Republic’s capital city, these gardens were created for the owners of the adjoining palaces, and today you too can enjoy them in all their beauty.

Magical Ledeburg Garden Below the Prague Castle

The Magical Ledeburg Garden Below the Prague Castle

Palace Gardens under Prague Castle, a breathtaking complex of connected historical gardens (Ledeburg, Kolovrat, Small Fürstenberg Garden and Small and Large Palffy), will thrill you with their rich architectural elements such as scenic terraces, garden-houses, balustrades and other amazing decorations. Numerous beautiful pavilions, sensitively integrated into the scenery and vegetation, are a picturesque cherry on top of the cake.

When coming to Prague, visit the gardens beneath Prague Castle not only to renew your energy but most of all for their uniqueness and timeless charms…

Location, Map, Opening Hours, Tickets & Entrance Fee

Prague Castle and the gardens beneath it are easily accessible by public transport. There are several tram stops nearby (Královský letohrádek, Pražský hrad, Pohořelec), and also two metro stations (Malostranská and Hradčanská). Usually visitors take tram no. 22 (to Pražský hrad tram stop) and leave through the Old Castle Stairs to Malostranská metro station.

Prague Castle Gardens, together with Deer Moat (which used to be a part of Prague Castle’s northern fortification and helped to defence the Castle), open at different times according to the season:

  • In the summer season (April to October) opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm
  • In the winter season (November to March) the gardens are closed
  • The Garden on the Bastion is open all year from 6 am to 10 pm

Admission to Prague Castle gardens is completely free. The only exception is the Ledeburg Garden, but it’s still relatively cheap.

Entrance ToPriceDiscounted*Families**
Royal GardenFreeFreeFree
The Southern GardensFreeFreeFree
Terrace of the Riding SchoolFreeFreeFree
Garden on the BastionFreeFreeFree
Ledeburg Garden80 CZK55 CZK215 CZK

*Discounted tickets are available to youths aged 6 – 16, students under 26 years and seniors over 65 years
**Family tickets are available to families with 1 – 3 children under 16 years and a maximum of 2 adults
Source: Official Prague Castle Pricelist

Virtual Tour of Palace Gardens

On the official Prague castle website you can also take a nice virtual tour of the whole complex, including all the palace gardens.

Take the Virtual Tour of the Palace Gardens

Take a Virtual Tour of the Palace Gardens

Go to, click on the map icon in the top-right corner and select one of the gardens.

Palace Gardens Inside/Around the Prague Castle Complex

Royal Garden

There are many unique and beautiful places in the area, with the Royal Garden being probably the most famous. The garden (originally created in the Renaissance style) was founded in 1534 and it is one of the few quiet places in central Prague. In the northern part of this garden one can see the so called “Empire Greenhouse”, which was built in the 19th century. The beautiful greenhouse was a favourite place of Ferdinand I, the Austrian emperor who lived in Prague Castle in the 19th century.

Entrance to the Royal Garden at the Prague Castle Complex

Entrance to the Royal Garden at the Prague Castle Complex

The new Orangery, the youngest building in the Royal Garden, strikes visitors with its wonderful modern design. The tubular structure, made of glass and held by stainless steel, is almost ninety meters long and was designed in 1999 by the famous Czech architect Eva Jiřičná. It was initiated by Mrs. Olga Havlová, the first wife of President (and world-wide acknowledged personality) Václav Havel.

The Southern Gardens

The Southern Gardens, comprised of three smaller gardens, are nearly 500 metres long and during the summer tourist season it is possible to walk through them thus making a circular tour around Prague Castle. St. Wenceslas vineyard with its landmark – a classicist summerhouse Villa Richter – was originally cultivated by the patron saint of the Czech nation, Prince Wenceslas himself.

St. Wenceslas Vineyard Offers Amazing View on Prague

St. Wenceslas Vineyard Offers Amazing Views of Prague

The Terrace of the Riding School

The Terrace of the Riding School, built on the roofs of the garages and car workshops above the Office of the President, was only created in the 20th century – on the spot of the original open Summer Riding School. It offers a beautiful view of Prague Castle.

The Garden on the Bastion

On the western edge of Prague Castle, you will find the Garden on the Bastion. The present-day modern design of the garden was created by Slovenian architect Josip Plečnik, who found his inspiration in the style of Japanese and Italian gardens.


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