Experience the Prague Beer Spa and Massage combo and enjoy all the advantages of beer. Ready to give yourself an original spa relaxation day? Treat yourself to a beer bath in a Prague beer spa, and see your hair shine and your skin glow.

Did you know about all the great effects that beer has on skin? Thanks to vitamin B and proteins, beer is highly hydrating and nourishing, and is recommended even for sensitive skin. So what are you waiting for?

You Can Enjoy Beer Spa With Your Friend or Partner
You Can Enjoy The Beer Spa With Your Friend or Partner

Jump into the beer tub and, while bathing in beer, draw yourself a pint from a tap attached to your bath. Come bathe and brew! The beer spa treatments are refreshing and fun, and the beer bath is followed by a relaxing massage.

On the booking page (link below) you can chose from three package options:

  1. Only beer spa in one tub without massage for €110 per tube
  2. Beer spa with massage in one tub for €77 per person
  3. Beer spa with massage in two tubs for €95 per person

Summary & Booking

  • Traditional beer pearl bath (30 minutes)
  • Relaxation in heated bed (30 minutes)
  • Unlimited consumption of Bernard beer
  • Original souvenir from beer spa visit and a memory ePhoto
  • Full privacy and intimate atmosphere with your partner
  • (Optional +€18) Relaxing massage from therapist (20 minutes)
  • Price €110 per tube

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Practical Information

Beer Bernard is produced using traditional techniques, with the best Czech hops from the Zatec region. The quality, taste, and aroma are perfectly preserved because it’s never pasteurized. The beer spa experience consists of two parts:

First you soak in a private beer bath for two while drinking UNLIMITED beer Bernard. Then you are invited to relax and of course enjoy more beer. The experience takes about one hour altogether. Those that opt for beer massages as part of their package should expect to spend an hour and half at the spa.

During the Bath You Will Have a Total Privacy
During the Bath You Will Have a Total Privacy

Beer baths are a proven medical procedure from the Middle Ages, known to cleanse the pores, increase pulmonary circulation, regenerate skin and hair, and revitalize the nervous system. It’s necessary to keep the correct temperature, duration of the bath, and right dosage of ingredients to ensure maximum health benefits. The bathing experience takes place in special tubs designed for the Beer Spa, which allows bathers to experience the greatest absorption of healing properties.

The spa is closed for other clients during the treatment to preserve the intimate atmosphere and undisturbed privacy. The staff of the spa are available upon ringing the bell.

Activity Details

  • General conditions: Suitable for men, women and children. Children must be accompanied by their parents. This activity is for one or two persons who stay together in one bath. Any accompaniments can wait at the reception.
  • Limitations: Not suitable for people who suffer from high blood pressure over 16 kPa, varicose veins, etc. Persons allergic to proteins, yeast and hops should consult with a doctor. Malt isn’t added in the bath, and Gluten-free treatments can be also provided. In case of a higher pressure, there is possibility of reducing the bath temperature. Only people over 18 are allowed to consume alcohol in the Czech Republic.
  • Weather conditionsActivities take place indoors, so they aren’t limited by weather.
  • Duration: A traditional beer pearl bath takes 30 minutes, and then you relax in a heated bed for 30 minutes.
  • Dress recommendations: You don’t need any special clothing, you are naked in the bath, or you have a swimsuit, if you want. The towels, sheets, and slippers are available free of charge.
  • LocationFügnerovo nám. 1806/1, 120 00 Prague 2 – New Town

OUR TIP Even though the location is right in the city center, you can treat yourself by going there (or back) with Uber taxi for free.

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