Uber Taxi in Prague, Czech Republic: Fare Calculator, Airport to Downtown & Promo Codes

1. Uber Works Perfectly in Prague, Czech Republic

Getting a reliable, cheap taxi in Prague may be a struggle, but luckily Uber works perfectly in Prague and is by far the most recommended option to travel here. So far, Prague is the only city in the Czech Republic where Uber is available, but hopefully, other popular cities like Brno, Ostrava, Cesky Krumlov and Ceske Budejovice will soon follow.

UBER CALCULATOR Estimate the cost of your ride using our simple Uber calculator. Don’t forget to select UberPOP, UberSelect, or UberBlack.

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In case you are unfamiliar with Uber’s services, it’s an extremely easy way to travel, available almost in every country in the world. You can simply download the app onto your Android or iPhone, enter your Credit/Debit Card details (no need for cash) and book your own driver. It’s perfect for short city distances up to about 20 kilometers. Also, most of the drivers in Prague understand at least basic English, so you don’t need to worry about any language barrier.

Using Uber in Prague is Easy as the App is Available in English and You Don't Need Cash
Using Uber in Prague is Easy as the App is Available in English and You Don’t Need Cash

2. You Can Choose From UberPOP (UberX), UberSelect and UberBlack

In Prague, you can choose between UberPOP (same as UberX), UberSelect, and UberBlack. The first one is the cheapest option and gives you a random car of any class. It’s officially a ride-sharing service, so it’s not regulated in any way. UberPOP is practically the same as UberX in other countries, the difference being that UberPOP drivers are not allowed to make a profit, only share the ride. With UberBlack you will get a professional driver with a luxury car, typically a black Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

UberSelect is somewhere in between these two. For costs approximately 30% higher than UberPOP, you will get a more comfortable car (Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo) which is brand new (or almost new). Also, the drivers of UberSelect have higher ratings and know Prague’s routes much better.

UberBLACK on the Prague Old Town Square
UberBLACK on the Prague Old Town Square

Uber officially started in Prague (and the Czech Republic) on 13 August 2014. At first, the only available service was UberBlack, but a few months later, in November 2014, the popular UberPOP became available. In November 2016, UberSelect became the latest addition to Uber Prague’s fleet. All modes are now approved by the local government and authorities.

3. How Much Does It Cost? Uber Prague Rates/Fare & Comparison

Compared to regular taxis, Uber is extremely cheap in Prague, especially for shorter distances, as the average taxi rate here is 24 CZK ($1.00) per kilometer. In August 2016, Uber reduced its fares for UberPOP by approximately 15%. Check the table below for the rate comparison and an example calculation for Prague Airport to downtown (Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square).

ServiceUberPOP UberSelectUberBlackAirport Taxi
Price per Kilometer10 CZK13 CZK27 CZK28 CZK
Price per Minute 3 CZK4.5 CZK6 CZKN/A
Base Fare 25 CZK30 CZK40 CZK40 CZK
Airport to Downtown 300+ CZK ($12.00+)400+ CZK ($15.50+)650+ CZK ($25.50+)550 CZK ($21.50)

Uber Prague Fare Calculator (Cost Estimate)

To calculate the estimated rates for your ride with Uber in Prague, you can use the Uber app, the Uber Prague official site, or our own calculator below (don’t forget to specify Taxi Type: UberPOP, Uber Select or UberBLACK).

Uber Rush Hours (Surge Pricing)

As in every other city where Uber operates, also in Prague, there are so-called rush hours when the demand is high and Uber pricing is increasing. It usually by 1.5 to 2.5 times of the regular price. So if you are paying 10 CZK per kilometer and 3 CZK per minute as standard price and surge 2x applies you will be paying 20 CZK per kilometer and 6 CZK per minute.

You will always be notified about the increased price upfront (before you order the ride). The notification looks like this

Uber Rush Hours (Surge Pricing)
Uber Rush Hours (Surge Pricing)

Most typical rush hours are during

  • Mornings from 7 AM to 9 AM during the working days (when everyone is going to work)
  • Late evenings and early mornings on Fridays and Saturdays (when everyone is going to/from the pub)

4. Taking Uber From/To Prague Airport

Uber also works perfectly as a means of transport from/to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague; simply open the app and call yourself a car. If you arrive at Terminal 1, take the Exit D or E and walk over two crossings to Parking Area P1. From Terminal 2, take the escalator upstairs to the Departures Hall and use Exit D.

OUR TIP To get from the Prague Airport to the city center we recommend using Welcome Pickups service which offers far better quality and reliability then Uber. For the same price as a regular taxi or Uber (22€), you will get a private driver with excellent English and knowledge of Prague. The driver will be also waiting for you with the welcome sign at the terminal exit.

Since there is no official Uber meeting point or parking zone at Prague Airport, you may be waiting for your car to arrive for quite some time, depending on how close it is and the traffic situation. In general, the waiting time is around 10 minutes, but during rush hours it could be as long as 30 minutes. The ride from the airport to downtown (Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square) will cost from 300 CZK ($12.00), depending on traffic. Still, it’s one of the best options to get from and to the airport.

Below is the Uber “Welcome to Prague!” screen with detailed instructions. You should see this when you open the app at Prague Airport.

Uber "Welcome to Prague" Message on the Airport & UberPOP Booking
Uber “Welcome to Prague” Message on the Airport & UberPOP Booking

Getting from Prague city center to the airport is extremely easy. You just request or book an Uber upfront (like on the image above) using the mobile application, and type “airport” into the destination field. It should automatically suggest “Vaclav Havel Airport“, the full name of Prague’s airport.

Before you arrive at the airport, just tell the driver which terminal you’ll be at – Terminal 1 is for flights outside the Schengen area and Terminal 2 is for flights within the Schengen area (typically the European Union).

And don’t worry – Uber drivers are available all day and night, so even if your flight is early in the morning you shouldn’t have a problem getting a car. Nevertheless, we definitely recommend booking it upfront.

5. Uber Prague Safety – Is it Safe to Use Uber in Prague?

Don’t worry, it’s totally safe to use Uber in Prague, both UberPOP, and UberBLACK. We personally use Uber cars many times a week and have never encountered any incidents. Also, there haven’t been any incidents since Uber began offering services in Prague almost three years ago.

6. Uber Prague Free Ride Promo Codes (Coupons & Vouchers)

In case you’ve never used Uber before, use our invitation to get your first ride for free. This is limited to 200 CZK ($8.00).

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Alternatively, you can try to use one of the following promo codes we are offering exclusively to you:

  • PRAGUEGO (200 CZK / $8.00 off the first ride)
  • CZEFREE (200 CZK / $8.00 off the first ride)
  • VCFT4UE (200 CZK / $8.00 off the first ride)
  • SVKFREE (300 CZK / 10.00 off the first ride; valid only for Bratislava, Slovakia)

7. Are There any Alternatives to Uber in Prague?

Yes, and actually quite a few. Here is our list sorted by recommendations.

  1. Probably the best one is Taxify which has exactly same concept and mobile application as Uber, but is even cheaper and sometimes they have more cars available. Their drivers are also more professional. Read more about Taxify.
  2. Liftago app is something like a Czech Uber, but the price is set by each driver, not the platform. So you simply enter locations for pick-up and destination, and then you can select from a list of drivers based on price and rating. Read more about Liftago.
  3. If you aren’t a fan of modern technologies and prefer an old school taxi service, go with Modry Andel or Tick Tack. Both have luxurious cars, professional drivers and reasonable rates of 28 CZK per kilometer. Read more about taxi companies in Prague.

FREE UBER Uber taxi works perfectly in Prague and you can ride for free with code "PRAGUEGO".

OUR TIP Make your stay unforgettable with adventure experiences and adrenaline activities.

117 thoughts on “Uber Taxi in Prague, Czech Republic: Fare Calculator, Airport to Downtown & Promo Codes

  1. I used a taxi from the airport to my hotel because it was the first thing we saw and we were very tired from our journeys. The guy wanted 800crowns for a trip to our hotel which I knew was ridiculous, but we were already in the car on our way (my fault for not asking beforehand – like I said we were very tired). I quickly checked uber and it would’ve only cost us 320crowns!!

    I even confronted the taxi driver and showed him the uber quote. Of which he tried saying uber was illegal in Prague (which wasn’t because we used it for the rest of the time in Prague). I did manage to get him down to 700crown but this was still ridiculous.

    Goes to show how usual taxi companies overprice tourists and are SCAMMERS. On the way back to the hotel we used uber and was very happy with the service and reasonable price (320crowns). uber is the way forward, a legitimate system that should never be illegal.

  2. Hello.
    We need uber from Airport Prague to Spytihněvova 245/2
    We are 4 Adults and 1 Kids with 4 Bags
    What the price ? at 21/12/2017 from approximately 11:30 in the morning
    Please advice suitable Uber car for us
    Thanks a lot

  3. We got UBER taxi from airport to the city and my daughter forget her small bag inside the car. It was 3 days ago, till now we didn’t get any info. People take care about your staff in Prague taxi they are not friendly to give back. Lost and found in UBER Prague not working at all.

  4. Hi, my question again: I need to book an Uber in advance as I need to go to the airport early in the morning.
    But I can`t see this option. Is it not possible to order an Uber in advance?

    1. Hi Claudia, it should be possible. You don’t see the car/clock icon in your Uber app? What time you need to leave from your hotel?

  5. I am already an Uber user in my home country, when i use Uber in Prague with the code you have provided, will it be considered as new user and discount applicable for my use in Prague for my first ride there?

  6. What is the best way to go from Holiday Inn Prague Airport Hotel to Appia Resistances in the morning after 9:00 am on Dec 13?

    1. Definitely Uber with our promo code “PRAGUEGO”. Estimated price with UberPOP is 370 CZK – 200 CZK (our coupon) = 170 CZK.

  7. Hello.
    I am interesting uber from Airport Prague to Hradec Kralove. What the price ? at 28/10/2017 from approximately 9:30 in the morning
    Thanks a lot
    Zaikman Vladimir

  8. I don’t understand what type of technical error caused my text to look so weired! 😧😇 However, here is the correct one:

    Hi. i like to use Uber, but each time I face a major problem .I am low vission person which makes it hard for me to recognize the driver or the Uber car as it is hard for me to read the plate number. I believe there could be a clear symbol that can help those riders who are visually impaired to know which car is coming to pick them up. For instance, a light could be installed somewhere on the car that is turned on when the rider is a speacial needs person. Of course, this also requires some adjustments in the app to give the person the option to tell he has a special case.

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