How to Spend a Christmas Weekend in Prague

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The holidays bring with them a flurry of festive activities no matter where you live and Prague’s celebration of Christmas makes it a popular destination for tourists in December. The festive
atmosphere begins to flow through the streets in late November and don’t stop till Silvester, the Czech New Year’s Eve. So we have some tips for you how to spend a weekend in Prague on Christmas!

Prague Christmas Market

Christmas Markets at the Old Town Square

Christmas Markets at the Old Town Square

Like many Eastern European cities, Prague and its Christmas Market is popular destination for tourists. Old Town Square’s marketplace is the biggest in Prague and probably the most beautiful because its historic architecture, all covered in Christmas lights and decorations. The Christmas markets consist of brightly decorated wooden huts stocked with local handicrafts and traditional Christmas treats. You can buy there ceramics, jewellery, embroidered lace, wooden toys, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments and so much more including a bunch of local food and drinks!

See the best of winter Prague

Winters in Prague are Fun

Winters in Prague are Fun

There are also a lot of Ice Skating Rinks, many of them in city centre, so they are surrounded by the marvellous architecture of Prague. You can also visit Prague’s churches and their elaborate crèches or you can celebrate Hanukkah at Jan Palach Square.

Have some fun!

Questerland Escape Game

Questerland Escape Game

There are a lot of fun attraction in Prague, but this one is good for people of all ages, so your whole family would have fun! In Escape games you have to escape from one or more rooms at a certain time and to make it you have to find the clues and secret chambers, hack and open the strongboxes, decode the messages and solve riddles and puzzles that will show you the way out. And for better experience, they are inspired by films or books and equipped with technologies like Virtual reality, interactive systems and other SMART elements. Visit and try the best escape games in Prague!

Honest Tips For Your Prague Stay

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