Revolut Card – The Best Way to Pay in Prague

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When you travel to Prague one of the few things you need to think about is the payments. Even though Czechia is part of the European Union it’s not part of the Eurozone. That means you (officially) can’t pay with Euros here. You can pay only in the local currency called the Czech Koruna (CZK). That also means you need to exchange money. But we have a better solution.

Besides being one of the World’s most beautiful cities, Prague is also well known for tourists scams. These include overpriced taxis and extremely unfavorable money exchange services. The first one you can easily avoid by using services like Welcome Pickups or Uber.

The best way to avoid the second one is not to exchange any cash in Prague and use only your payment card (both credit and debit cards are well accepted). But if you will use your standard card you bank currency exchange rates will be applied (from your default currency to CZK). And typically they are very unfavorable.

What is Revolut Card and how does it work?

Revolut is the fintech startup founded in the UK in 2015. Its goal is to disrupt the standard banking industry by using modern technology like a mobile app. The main advantage is the usage of interbank exchange rates which are typically 2-3% cheaper than your standard bank exchange rate.

You can also withdraw up to €200 per month abroad for free. Or get comprehensive travel insurance within a few clicks in the app for only €1 per day.

That’s why Revolut app and card are the ultimate tools for travelers. You will love the service so much you will start using it in your home country as well.

Revolut Card vs. Your Standard Credit/Debit Card

Revolut will be your new favorite payment type. It’s just simple, fast, and cheaper. The major differences between Revolut Card and the standard payment (direct or debit) cards are in the table below.

 Standard CardsRevolut Card
Currency exchange rateExpensiveCheaper by ~2-3%
Currency exchange feeVaries per bankFree
ATM withdrawal abroad~€5Free
Travel insuranceVaries per bank€1 per day
Apple PayVaries per bankSupported

On top of that, you will get a free UK and EURO accounts which you can use as your standard banking accounts.

Get your FREE Revolut Card today with 300 CZK bonus

We partnered with Revolut so you can order the physical card to your doors completely for free. Simply click on the button below, enter your phone number and follow the instructions.

You will be redirected to Revolut’s website

On top, you will get a 300 CZK bonus (or equivalent in your local currency) once you’ll use the card for payment.

There is really no catch, we are using the Revolut Card here in Prague, the Czech Republic all the time and haven’t pay any fee or something.

Honest Tips For Your Prague Stay

AIRPORT TRANSFER Get a private transfer from/to Prague Airport for a price of regular taxi (€27).

FREE REVOLUT CARD The best way to pay anywhere in the World without worrying about the exchange rates is Revolut. Get your free Revolut card today, and save on the exchange fees and rates.


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