Top 5 Films about Prague

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Have you ever thought of going to a place after seeing a movie that truly made an impression on you? The Czech Republic was depicted in many movies as a picturesque and surprising country, a perfect destination for a dream trip to remember. The country has always been a destination for every year film crews from all over the world. Czech capital has always been a very versatile character capable to show many faces and many hidden talents.

Here are some top 5 movies where Prague is the main character. Incomers should watch these films for an education on the city’s lesser-known landmarks, complicated history, and fascinating culture. Then they can come and see Prague as a treasure hunting game looking for scenes and spotlights from the movies. There are plenty to choose from.

1. Loners / Samotáři (2000)

Enjoy this comedy on a lazy Sunday afternoon about complicated relationships among a group of friends that try to balance work, family and social life. The soundtrack became a cult favorite among Czechs. It is a movie about youngsters on the verge of the new millennium. You will recognize a few iconic elements of the capital including popular Letná hangout Stalin Square with its stunning views over Prague and characters doing body shots at Spanish restaurant La Casa Blu.

2. Ice Mother / Bába z ledu (2017)

This was the official Czech Republic Oscar entry directed and written by Bohdan Sláma. Set in current-day Prague, the movie follows Hana, a widow that rediscovers love when she meets a stranger with a passion for winter swimming. Actually, there is a polar swim in Prague’s Vltava river every December 26, a tradition that’s spanned almost 70 years. Admire scenes from modern Prague in winter imagining how it will be to pack your bags and go for a short weekend getaway.

3. Faust / Lekce Faust (1994)

Goethe’s tragic telling of a man who sells his soul to the devil is modernly reimagined by Jan Švankmajer in order to create an original Czech version of this story. It shows a grim and dark impression of Prague, being set on the narrow backstreets of Old Town as well as Karlovo náměstí and a rather memorable scene in a Smíchov beer garden.

4. Kolya (1996)

Directed by the talented Jan Svěrák and starred by his father, a Czech icon actor Zdeněk Svěrák, this movie was acclaimed by critics and won an Oscar for the best foreign movie in 1997. It is a heart-warming story about an old bachelor and cello player taking in a Russian orphan during the occupation. Despite the language barrier, the two develop a special father-son relationship. This movie was shot all over Prague and we can see scenes from the Anděl metro station, Petřín Park, Vinohrady Cemetery or Lesser Quarter.

5. Anthropoid (2016)

Prague was also a star in this British and Czech co-production that tells the story of a mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich during World War II, called Operation Anthropoid. There is a movie that will take you into an iconic moment in Czech history. The characters were brought to life by stars like Cillian Murphy, Jamie Dornan, and Czech actress Anna Geislerová. Therefore, while visiting Prague, don’t miss the crypt of the bullet-scarred Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius near Karlovo náměstí where the soldiers took their final, fatal stand, as well as other important landmarks related to the era.

These are only some of the numerous realistic masterpieces filmed in the Czech Republic. Year after year, this country turned into a heaven for filmmakers from all over the world due to the diversity and versatility of the landscape. Pack your suitcase and feel a star for a few days in the Czech Republic and follow the footsteps of popular movie characters to the sites that might appear on screen as Paris, Moscow or the fantasy land of Narnia.

Consistently filmmakers from everywhere in the world go to the Czech Republic. Following in their footsteps you too can explore this country situated in the very heart of Europe. Therefore, take a look behind the secret curtain of film making, browse through some unique photos from those movies and their shooting or play sequences from the films right on the spot where they were made.

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