TOP10 Tourist Traps in Prague

Our favorite video maker and Prague crook-fighter Janek Rubes has begun to shoot another series about Prague called Honest Guide. In each video he provides really thoughtful tips for Prague tourists.

The first one we are posting is called TOP10 Tourist Traps in Prague, in which Janek explains ten things you should stay away from during your stay in Prague. You should definitely avoid these:

  1. Karlova street
  2. “Traditional Czech” restaurants
  3. Segways
  4. Money exchange at Chequepoint
  5. Food markets at the Old Town Square
  6. “Historical” cars
  7. Trdlo (trdelnik)
  8. Street taxis – OUR TIPTake Uber instead
  9. Matryoshkas
  10. Thai massages

Please keep this list in mind while you will be walking through the beautiful city of Prague. It’s funny how most of the things from the list are not even Czech. Hopefully one day all of them will be gone.

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