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Prague Metro Stations to Be Renewed

The public space of several metro stations will undergo changes. The improvements should, among other things, include the removal of aggressive advertising and inappropriate furniture equipment or – per contra – widening of the range of services available and design enhancement. Some of the stations should also return to their original design with architectural value.

The proposals have been prepared by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), under the direction of the Prague council. The changes will be applied to the following metro stations: Skalka, Dejvická and Bořislavka (on the A line), Luka, Lužiny, Hůrka, Karlovo náměstí, Českomoravská and Černý Most (B line) and Háje and Ládví (C line).

Prague Metro Stations to Be Renewed
Prague Metro Stations to Be Renewed

First, the vestibules of all the eleven stations will undergo major cleaning and maintenance work and, in the following phases, individual measures for each station will be taken. For example, new shops should appear in some of them. These will be in the form of a permanent establishment, replacing current mobile kiosks.

In the longer-term, the changes should also include managing the stations in wider relations. Thus, new pedestrian crossings or public equipment might be created gradually. The aim of these changes is to improve links between public transport.

For seven stations, the IPR suggests working up architectural-urban studies, to outline possibilities of improving the quality of the surrounding public spaces. Concerning the return to the original design, some of the stations used to be highly valued for their architectural construction. The deputy mayor Petra Kolínská claimed. “It is time, that we pay an adequate attention to the metro stations, as significant public space, through which hundreds of thousands of people walk daily.

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