Are you a foreigner or a local?

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If you’ve lived in Prague as a foreigner for a while, you may notice some of your habits start to change. But there are still some things that will always elude you…

How you know you’re no longer a foreigner in Prague:

  1. You haven’t walked across Charles Bridge in over six months.
  2. You refuse to pay more than 30 crowns for a beer.
  3. You are no longer offended by rude waiters.
  4. You’ve started bringing your own slippers when you go to other people’s houses.
  5. If a stranger tries to make eye contact with you, you steadfastly refuse to meet their gaze.
  6. As soon as it gets to October 1st, you vacuum pack all your summer clothes away and start wearing your winter coat, no matter the actual temperature.
  7. You have developed a mysterious fear of draughts, and believe they have magic illness-causing properties.
  8. You’ve started curing every ailment with slivovice.

How you know you are still not Czech:

  1. You don’t go mushroom-picking.
  2. You don’t have a weekend house in the countryside.
  3. You miss vegetables that aren’t cabbage.
  4. You still don’t think a slab of meat on its own counts as a meal.
  5. You don’t dress up to go to the opera.
  6. You point-blank refuse to wear socks with sandals.
  7. You still can’t say ‘ř’.

Honest Tips For Your Prague Stay

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