8 Tips to Help you Stay Cool in Prague’s Summer Heat

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A heat wave is raging in the city of a hundred spires. If you are wondering how and where in this landlocked country you could cool yourself down, we got the answer!

Photo: V. Gautschi

The thermometer reads 38° degrees, as I am sitting on my computer on this day in July. ‘That’s it! I am going swimming!’, I am thinking to myself. But where to? And how do I avoid the crowds? Is there any way I can combine activity and a dip in one? If you have found yourself in the same position as me, this article might be just what you were looking for. We went scouting for places to cool your body down and have a good time – all in one! Follow us on a refreshing journey through the city – and beyond.

1. Cool Down in Prague’s Outdoor Pools

Don’t feel like going far? Prague’s many swimming pools offer the perfect retreat after work. Be it in Prague 3, 4 or 9 – there is places to hop into cold water after a long day in the cubicle.


The Slavia Stadium is the perfect place for water lovers of any level and age. With a 25 meters long indoor pool, a 50 meters long outdoor pool and a pool for kids, Slavia offers plenty of option to cool down. If you fancy a cocktail in the heat, Slavia’s pool bar is happy to help you out on that front, too. And all those that would rather not get wet yet, have the opportunity to play a round of minigolf on the premises first!

  • Location: Vladivostocka, Prague 10
  • Cost: Indoor Pool for CZK 110.00 / 120 min, Outdoor area for CZK 160.00 / day
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 06.00 – 20.00 / Sat – Sun 09.00 – 20.00

Photo: PSSlavia


Podoli offers inside and outside pools with a length of 50 meters and a pool for all those that are not looking to swim laps and just enjoy being less hot than before. Full of bars, ice cream stands and food options, Podoli is the perfect place to rest your bones. Lounge on the nearby grass patch or a deckchair and get to enjoy the summer sun minus the sweating.

  • Location: Podolská 74, Prague 4
  • Cost: CZK 190.00 / CZK 140.00 (after 15.00)
  • Opening Hours: 08.00 – 18.00 (Outdoor Pool)

Photo: PS Podoli

Divoká Šárka

If you are looking to walk a little before getting into the water, Divoka Sarka is the perfect place for you. Simply hop on tram number 26 and get off at the stop Divoká Šárka. From here, follow the street passing by Mc Donald’s down into the forest. Divoka Sarka’s pool is slightly smaller and can get quite crowded on a Saturday. The pool holds lengths of 25 meters and – of course – serves beer, ice cream and more.

  • Location: Divoká Šárka 2, Prague 6
  • Cost: CZK 120.00 / day
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 09.00 – 19.00 


This rather small swimming pool is great for swimming with kids. Pražačka has different pools where you can get your daily swimming fix and take your little one with you. Be sure to get there early on a weekend, as the small space can get quite crowded. The indoor bit stays closed during summer season.

Next to taking a dip in the cool water, you can also get drinks from the nearby beach bar, play football or basketball on the adjacent courts.

  • Location: Za Žižkovskou vozovnou 19, Prague 3
  • Cost: CZK 140.00 / day
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 06.00 – 08.00, 10.00 – 21.30 / Sat – Sun 10.00 – 20.00

Žluté lázně

The beach by the Vltava! Žluté lázně probably has the biggest offer of all swimming pools in terms of activities. Beach Volley, Paddleboarding and of course a river bank with access to the water offer the perfect hide out from the boiling hot temperatures. Whether you prefer to park your butt on grass or sand – Žluté lázně has the perfect beach for you.

  • Location: Podolské nábřeží 3, Prague 4
  • Cost: CZK 50.00
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 09.00 – 17.00

Photo: Zlute Lazne

2. Visit Aqua Parks that’ll keep you Cool and Entertained

Aquacentrum Šutka

Sutka is one of the Prague’s most modern swimming areas. The pool in Sutka is 50 meters long and offers 8 different swimming lanes.

On top of that you’ll get to enjoy a whirlpool, a wild river pool, two waterslides, a waterfall and a water bar with refreshments. Further to the indoor fun, there is two outside pools with a magnificent view over Prague. Perfect for a hot day!

To get to the Aqua Center, simply hop on bus 144, 152 or 177 and get off at Čimický háj’.

  • Location: Čimická 41, Prague 8
  • Cost: CZK 125.00 / 60 minutes  – you get an extra 20 minutes with every entry
  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 22.00

Photo: Aquacentrum Sutka

Aquadream Barrandov

Aquadream Barrandow will make families and sport lovers alike happy. Barrandov’s swimming area offers a kids pool and a mini slide. If you are feeling adventurous, be sure to check out the 115 meters long chute for rubber rafts. Then enjoy the whirlpool with massage nozzles and water spitters.

If you are a pro swimmer, the river with cross current will test your abilities and if you’d like to take it easy, change over to the 25 meters long slopes of the center.

  • Location: K Barrandovu 8, Prague 5
  • Cost: CZK 99.00 / 60 minutes
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 09.00 – 21.00 (outdoor area only)

Aquacenter Lagoon

Lagoon in Letnany is perfect for a Sunday Funday in the heat. The center offers 25 meters long slopes and a shock of attractions such as a 86 meters long waterslipe, a fun pool with massage nozzles and a wild canal, a pool with air and water massages.
Next to fun, the center also offers relaxation: a cooling pool, steam baths, whirlpools and a chill out zone complete the vast offer of Lagoon.
  • Location: Tupolevova 665, Letnany
  • Cost: CZK 140.00 / 2.5 hours

Photo: Lagoon Letnany

3. Set out for a Lake Day to Lhota

Lhota Lake is an absolutely great day trip from Prague, if you are looking for some beach feeling. Tons of refreshment and food stands, a sandy beach and clear water await near Stara Boleslav. To get there, simply hop on bus number 375  from Ceskomoravska to  Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav (autobusové nadrazi) and change for bus number 669 to ‘Lhota’.  A mere 10 minutes walk away from the bus stop, the pine trees and beaches of Lhota beckon you to come closer. The cost for a visit at Lhotka? CZK 120.00 for a day ticket.

  • Location: Lhota Lake
  • Cost: CZK 120.00
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 06.00 – 21.00

Photo: V. Gautschi

4. Kayak your way through Troja

Alright, you might be more on the water than in the water with this one. But if you feel like you are getting too hot in your Kayak, you can just do an eskimo roll and dip your head in the water. Kayaking around Prague is optimal for beginners. The Kayak School in Troja offers great lessons and also a parcour, where you can practice your strokes and perfect your balance.

  • Location: HG Sport, Vodácká 8, Troja
  • Cost: Individual Lesson CZK 700.00 / Group lesson 2-3 CZK 500.00

Photo: Pixabay

5. Paddleboard on the Vltava

Paddleboarding is lots of fun and a perfect activity for all water rats. There is multiple places you can rent a paddleboard from and take classes, if you are a beginner. Paddle along the Vltava river bank, get to see the city from a different angle… And if you’re done with the heat, simply pretend to fall off the paddleboard and get a splash of cool water on you!

  • Locations: Kayak Beach Bar, Náplavka / Žluté lázně,  Podolské nábř 3
  • Cost: CZK 190.00 per 60 minutes / Zlute Lazne’s prices differ depending on time you go

6. Eat More Ice Cream

Sometimes the most obvious things are the best ones to do. Prague is full of amazing ice cream places. Whether you want to enjoy nasties-free gelato at Puro, fluffy soft ice from Antoninovo Pekarstvi or deliciousness in a cup from Angelato and Créme de la Créme: One of the best ways to stay cool in the city is ice cream – it just so happen to taste amazing, too.

Photo: V. Gautschi

7. Carry a Hand Fan

Though some of Prague’s trams have air conditioning, the older models don’t come with such luxury. A hand fan is therefore the perfect gadget to have with you in such a moment. Whether you go for the traditional or a 21st century model – you’ll be happy to have the gadget with you in the heat.

8. Close Windows in Air Conditioned Trams

The newest models of Prague’s trams come with integrated air conditioning. This, however, only works, if the windows in the trams are closed. You can spot the trams with air conditioning by a blue sign on the outside of the tram. If the windows are opened, the tram’s AC can’t work properly and warm air will be let into the vehicle, making the cool extra in the new trams redundant. So make sure to close the tram windows in them, in order to cool things down.

Got your summer schedule together? Do you have favourite places to go to that keep you cool you want to share? Did we miss any helpful tips to beat the heat? We can’t wait to hear about it in the comments!

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