How to Spend Autumn in Prague the Czech Way

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Summer is slowly drawing to an end. Temperatures fall, the leaves change their colors and life in Prague gets a little slower. If you are wondering how to spend Autumn in true Czech manner or have no idea what there is to do in the city when the leaves start falling, you’ve come to the right place. We found the best activities and places to visit in Autumn.

How to Spend Autumn in Prague the Czech Way

Pick Mushrooms

Hunting down the prettiest and tastiest Mushrooms is a beloved Czech tradition in Autumn. When the clouds steam into the lands of Czechia, mushroom hunters set out to find their prey. There are 35 edible sorts of mushrooms to be found in Czech Republic (though usually only 4 of them are collected, eaten and known to be safe) and going on a mushroom adventure is an absolute must-do when in Prague in Autumn.

Before you set out with basket and knife, you should inform yourself which mushrooms are safe to eat and where they are most likely to be found. If you are feeling unsure, yet don’t want to miss out on the Czech tradition, join one of the many mushroom picking tours, like the one from Prague Off The Map and gorge yourself on your bounty!

The best places around Prague for mushroom picking are Divoká Šárka, Obora Hvězda & Modřanská rokle. A fun and educational activity to undertake in autumn.

Indulge in Schnitzel, Goose & Apple Strudl

Understandably so, Czech food might be a little heavy for summer temperatures. When Autumn hits, however, you’ll be happy to have the choice between Schnitzel, Svíčková and Knedlik when eating out in Prague. The Czech delicacies will warm you up and fill your belly, getting you ready for the breezy temperatures to come.

If you have a little extra space left, make sure you try a classic Czech pastry, too: Apple Štrúdl, a puff pastry filled with tasty apple bites. No one makes them as good as the Czechs do. Our favourite place to get them? A tiny window in Zizkov, sitting on Jeseniova street: Žižkovská štrúdlárna. They’re hands down the best Štrúdl’s we’ve found in this city and you can choose between poppyseeds, quark or classic apple filling. Dobrou Chut!

Go on Autumn Foliage Walks

The leaves changing, the wind making them rustle on the floor… Autumn in Prague makes for the perfect hiking location. Especially beautiful is the Sazava Pacific, about 40 minutes away from Prague.

If you’re up to go out a littler further, you might want to go and explore Hrubá Skála and Valečov Castle ruins in the Northeast of Prague. This daylong hike across field, through forests and up to the ‘Skaly’ (rock formations) are just breathtaking – even more so with Autumn Foliage. Just as pretty – though more demanding – is a hike up to Czech Republic’s volcanoes: Milešovka and Lovoš.

Want to stay in the city and yet not miss out on the Autumn Foliage walks? Prague has lots of parks and forests to walk in and marvel at nature’s Autumn beauty! For example in Divoká Šárka, Obora Hvězda, Motol & Prokopske Udoli.

Feel like a damsel or burgher: Watch Tower in Košíře

Go to an Art House Cinema

When the temperatures drop and cold winds haunt the streets, the best places to turn to is a cozy, warm spot to watch a movie at. If you don’t want to spend all of that movie time inside your own four walls, Prague offers heaps of places to enjoy a good film at.

Kino Aero, located in upper Žižkov, invites you to get comfy in cozy seats and lets you get a beer and snacks at their inexpensive bar. Kino Svetozor is conveniently located in Old Town, just of Václavské Náměstí, and provides a cozy bar as well as comfortable seats in their old building. If you find yourself in Letna, be sure to pay Bio Oko a visit for a thought-provoking, good movie and a drink from their cinema bar.

If you prefer even smaller cinemas, check out Kino Pilotu in Vršovice or Kino Ponrepo just off Národní Třída, which often host interesting cinema weeks – like the Aussie and New Zealand Film Festival – and weeklong themes with works of international filmmakers.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Marvel at the Changing leaves in Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad must be one of our favourite locations to go to in Autumn. The leaves turn orange, red and a crackled green, metamorphosing the impressive castle grounds to a fairy tale place far away. Whether you want to explore the leafy walkways leading up to the viewpoint overlooking Prague or you want to explore the Gothic Cellar right by the main entrance gate; Vyšehrad makes for a perfect Autumn experience in the city.

Sip a Burčák

One of the reasons Czechs are looking forward to Autumn is Burčák: traditional young Moravian wine. Seeing a bottle or stand selling Burčák is the sign that Autumn has reached Prague. If you are around when September hits, make sure you’ll gorge yourself on some of the delicious young wine, served cold. Especially fun is the Burčák festival on Jiřího z Poděbrad on September 13th & 14th, where you get to try a vast assortment of different Burčák‘s, listen to some sounds and mingle with the crowd.

Go on a Ghost Tour

When the summer heat fades and the fog mantles the city, the many myths, legends and ghostly stories climb out of the books and into the nooks and crannies of Prague. Explore the eerily and mythical side of Prague, for example with Prague Telltale. They will take you on a journey through the old Prague, its dark secrets and sagas. All of that they do far away from crowds and off the beaten path – so you will not be disturbed by large groups or other tours. A tour that even expats might learn a thing or two on.

When: Mon, Wed – Sat at 21.00
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Go Thriftshopping

Rain, wind and weather: What better time to go through your wardrobe and sort out some old clothing? Once you got some space in your wardrobe – the same shall be filled with new old character pieces. Prague offers many thrift shops to visit and hopping from store to store, waiting out the rain showers while getting yourself outfitted, is just a blast.

Looking for the coolest places to shop Second Hand? Don’t miss out on our picks!

Warm up in one of Prague’s Tea Houses

Prague’s tea houses have a long history and are an important part of tradition and culture up to this day. Especially when the brisk autumn winds blow your way, ducking into a cozy Čajovna is the perfect thing to do. The high density of tea houses around Prague make it easy to find one in every district. We especially love Tea Mountain and Orijin for a nourishing, perfectly brewed cuppa!

Find the Best Tea Houses in Prague here!

Visit Saint Wencelas Fair

Traditionally held on September 28th – the death day of Prince Wenceslas – the city of a hundred spires falls into a festive mood. Not only was Wenceslas the patron saint of Bohemia, but also the patron of brewers and winemakers. Commemorating him with a festival, wine and lots of good vibes is therefore a must.

The celebrations usually go on for several days, offering all visitors not only a cultural but also social and culinary experience. People dressed in folklore costumes parading, folk and classical music and special dishes in Prague’s restaurant will suck you in their ban.

Between September 14th and September 28th, you can visit the Wenceslas Fair on Vaclavske Namesti and not only try marzipan sweets, wine and buns with vanilla cream but also marvel at a blacksmith that will be demonstrating his skills and talk about his profession.

Go to a Play or Concert

Czechs love culture and so, the cultural venues around the capital make it affordable to attend an event such as plays or classical concerts. Though there are seats in a play or concert that are nearly impossible to pay, every show has seats which prices start at around CZK 160.00. Check out the schedules of the 5 theaters around Prague as well as The Shakespeare Company’s plays that often come with a fun twist like an outside walk.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Visit Prague’s many Museums

Prague counts over 100 museums; one more interesting than the other. Whether you are a classical music fan and want to check out the museums of Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák and the Czech Museum of Music or are interested in rather abstract topics like Anthropology: the city of a hundred spires offers the perfect museum experience for everyone.

The Hrdlička museum in Prague 2, for example, exhibits finds and skeletons, the museum of rocks holds the most beautiful minerals the country has to offer and in the museum of senses you’ll get to feel, smell, hear, taste and touch more consciously. Of course, you should not miss out on visiting the National Museum towering above Wenceslas Square.

Find 6 hidden Museums in Prague right here.

4 Meters Tall Mammoth in the National Museum Prague

Do you have more inspiration on how to spend autumn in Prague? What does your perfect autumn day in Prague look like? We want to hear it all in the comments! Happy Season’s change!


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