The Best Christmas Markets in Prague and Beyond

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Winter in Prague is a special time of the year. Mulled wine, hot grog and lovingly decorated stalls bring the very best of what Czech Republic has to offer to you. The many Christmas Markets in the city of a hundred spires make it hard to choose which one you should visit during your stay. We checked out the cutest and Best Christmas Markets to have a jolly good time at in Prague and beyond.

The Best Christmas Markets In Prague

Warm lights, hot wine and cute knick knacks to bring home: Christmas Market Season might just be our favorite time of the year. Czech Republic, with its picturesque architecture and tiny alleys, makes for the perfect stage for a jolly good time. If you are visiting Prague during the bristling winter months, here is where you should warm up with a hot wine and drink in the Christmas atmosphere in the city of a hundred spires.

Namesti Miru

Under the snow-kissed roof of Namesti Miru church awaits a world full of winter wonders from November 20th until December 24th. The beautiful Vinohrady district offers a wonderful Christmas Market experience for visitors that are keen to explore the surrounding quarters of Prague. Gorge yourself on hot pancakes, goodies from the grill and wash it all down with some traditional Christmas Punch or Mulled Wine.

Of course, souvenirs and gifts are not far off the food stands, either; a wide assortment of goods are being sold to brighten the Christmas of you and your loved ones. Shop for handmade advent wreaths or get a couple of Bohemian glass ornaments for your Christmas tree, find a good book for your loved one or a Christmas card to send home while traveling.

Namesti Miru is easily accessible by trams 10, 16, 22, 13 or by the green metro line. Have we mentioned that the escalators of Namesti Miru’s metro station are the longest in the city?

Where: Namesti Miru, Prague 2
When: November 20th – December 24th
Why to go: 

  • The Market under Namesti Miru Church is super picturesque
  • Easily accessible from everywhere in the city
  • Classic hot drinks like Mulled Wine and Punch available

Old Town

Of course, there is no way around the massive Christmas tree on Old town Square when visiting Prague in Christmas time. The magical conifer, lit up with warm lights and decorated with shiny ornaments, is a must-see. Accompanied by Christmas music, brought to you by professional ensembles, choirs and musicians from all over the Republic, you get to stroll through the magical world of Christmas in the Czech capital.

From November 30th on until the 6th of January, a vast assortment of stalls will meet your every Christmas need. Be it a hot cider, a souvenir for your loved ones or a good old Pernicky (Gingerbread Cookies); the markets on Old Town square will get you into Christmas spirit for sure!

Don’t miss out on the lighting of the Christmas tree, which will take place on November 30th.

Where: Old Town Square, Prague 1
When: November 30th – January 6th
Why to go:

  • Live performances by orchestras, ensembles and choirs
  • Theater performances
  • Vast assortment of goods
  • Christmas Tree

Wenceslas Square

Just a short walk from Old Town Square, the next Christmas adventure awaits. The Christmas Markets on Wenceslas Square stand under the star of folk Christmas. If you are keen on experiencing a couple of Czech traditions and try authentic products of the Czech Republic, this is the place to be.

Besides getting Czech Christmas decorations, you’ll get t listen to Czech ensembles live on the square. And for all those that are looking for the right mistletoe to stand under this Christmas, will find what they seek between handmade candles, wreaths and handcrafted goods.

Between November 30th and January 6th, Wenceslas Sqaure is lit up with Christmas lights and a jolly good spirit. Of course, a rich offer of snacks and drinks to get into the spirit is provided, too.

Where: Wenceslas Square, Prague 1
When: November 30th – January 6th
Why to go: 

  • Products of local craftsmen
  • Live music by Czech ensembles
  • Czech goodies and drinks


If you are looking for a Christmas Market experience at a slower pace and on a smaller scale, catch the metro to Pankrac and experience a local Christmas Market of the super class. Especially foodies with a weakness for Christmas treats will find what they seek here.

Handcrafted goods by local producers, hot wine and a cozy atmosphere make your out-of-the-center Christmas experience perfect. Make sure you try some ‘Linecky’ and ‘Pernicky’ from the plenty cookie bakers around!

Where: Arkady Pankrac, Prague 4
When: November 12th – December 24th
Why to go: 

  • Christmas Market on a smaller scale
  • Local experience
  • Handmade goods and delicious Cookies


Manifesto Winter Market

If you are more of a foodie than a souvenir shopper, you should not miss out on Manifesto’s Winter Market near Florenc Bus Station! Dive into a culinary Christmas adventure with hot wine, punch and on-site mixed winter cocktails. Try Japanese, Czech, American and Indian goodies from the over 17 food stands, listen to some good live tunes and warm up in one of the see-through, heated igloos that Manifesto provides.

An extraordinary experience for foodies that don’t want to miss out on the Christmas spirit, yet want to show their taste buds the culinary delights Prague has to offer. Manifesto’s Winter Market is on from Wednesday through Sunday from 11 AM till 10 PM and also offers a couple of shops with products by local artists and craftsmen.

Where: Na Florenci 1, Prague 1
When: Wed-Sun 11 AM – 10 PM, November 20th – December 22nd / Thu-Sun 11 AM – 10 PM, December 26th – December 29th / Tue-Wed 11 AM – 10 PM, December 31st – January 1st
Why to go:

  • Culinary ride through Christmas-induced Prague
  • Live Music
  • Heated Igloos
  • Products from local artists and craftsmen

Photo: Manifesto


What better place to hold a Christmas Market than ‘Andel’ (Angel)? Lit up wooden stalls with lovingly handmade products from all over the country and special Christmas delicacies like Gingerbread or Linecky (Cookies filled with jam) await on the pedestrian zone of the usually busy Andel area.

In winter however, locals slow down and marvel at the pretty stalls, lovely goods and take in the Christmas atmosphere radiating from this small Christmas Market. Don’t forget to stop by, look at handcrafted goods and sip a mulled wine.

Where: Andel pedestrian zone
When: November 30th – December 23rd
Why to go: 

  • Local experience
  • Slower paced Christmas Market
  • Authentic goodies and presents

Prague Castle

When winter hits Prague, be prepared for the massive Castle complex to turn into a Winter Wonderland of the super class. The Christmas Markets on St. George Square will meet the expectations of every Christmas Market lover. With a mulled wine in hand, stroll around the complex and explore the over 70 wooden stalls offering Czech goodies to eat and bring home. For example a painted ornaments and sheep wool products.

If you’re not only coming out to feast and gorge yourself on hot beverages, check out the culture program they put together, too. And don’t miss out on the stunning view from up here over the snow-kissed Golden city.

Where: St. George Square, Prague Castle
When: November 23rd – Januar 6th
Why to go:

  • Painted ornaments & Sheep wool products
  • Stunning view over the illuminated city in Winter
  • Czech delicacies like Mulled Wine and Punch

The Best Christmas Markets Beyond Prague

If you are looking to venture out for a jolly adventure outside the Golden Citym catch a train or bus to one of these pretty destination around the Republic that will get you your Christmas Market fix, including picturesque buildings, cozy atmosphere and handcrafts.

Hradec Kralove

A simple 2 hours long train ride will catapult you into the Winter Wonderland of Hradec Kralove. The city in the North of Czech Reoublic makes for the perfect stage of a winter fairytale with its colorful houses, illuminated Gothic buildings and cozy atmosphere. On Masaryk Square, local retailers offer a vast assortment of Christmas goods such as ceramics, confectionery, ornaments and of course punch as well as potato pancakes.

Other than Prague’s Old Town Sqaure, the pace in Hradec Karlove is way slower, which makes it a perfect place to marvel at handmade goods and enjoy the atmosphere with a hot wine. And time you will need to get through this market. The local sellers offer everything from toys, jewelry, candles, books, scarfs over to candy molds, decorations and – what else – beer!

Talking about local specialties: Foodies will love their trip to the Northern city, too. Either have a bite of pig that was roasted over the open fire, accompany it with some pickled cheese or Bramboracky (potato pancakes) and leave some space for some locally sourced sausages. But not only Czech Republic is in the spotlight here; French wine, mead and currant wine will make your taste buds dance and make the Christmas spirit even latch onto the biggest grinch. Of course, you can’t leave without tasting some gingerbread cookies, Wallachian Frgals, Stramberk Ears and honey products, roasted chestnuts or chocolate.

Hradec Kralove’s Christmas Markets really leaves no wishes open and makes for the perfect winter escape from Prague.

Where: Masaryk Square, Hradec Kralove
When: December 13th – December 22nd
Why to go:

  • Vast assortment of products amde from craftsmen
  • Czech delicacies like Wallachian Frgals, Pernicky and Stramberks
  • French wines, mead and currant wine
  • The lit up square with its breathtakingly beautiful buildings


The second most-visited city after Prague is the capital’s match when it comes to Christmas Markets. The city of Brno will light up in four different squares during Christmas time: Zelny Trh, Svobody Square, Dominican Square and Moravian Square. The traditional Christmas tree lighting will take place on November 29th.

The very center of Brno marks one of the meeting places for locals and visitors to have a jolly good time. Let the live music on Svoboda Square wrap you up in the Christmas Spirit, while food stalls and the winter bar will keep you fed and warm with hot wine.

If you are looking for a romantic experience when in Brno, aim for the Dominican Squre. The New Town Hall and the Church of St. Michael will take you in their embrace and make room for a quieter Christmas experience. It is also here, that gourmets will find what they seek and due to its slower pace, it is the perfect place for families with kids.

For those on the lookout for handicrafts and traditional celebrations should not miss out on Zelny Trh (Green Market). The same goes for Moravske Namesti, where a heated tent and an outdoor ice skating rink wait to be explored. Of course, the two markets are not short on drinks to be had and goodies to be enjoyed.

Where: Svobodova Namesti, Dominican Square, Zeleny Trh, Moravske Namesti
When: Svodbodova Namesti & Dominican Square: November 29th – January 5th / Zeleny Trh & Moravske Namesti: November 29th – December 24h
Why to go:

  • 4 Markets in one city
  • Both quiet and lively places to choose from
  • Local goodies and hot drinks
  • Handicrafts from locals

Photo: Advent Na Zelnaku


Could the tiny town of Mikulov in the South of Czech Republic be any cuter? Yes, it can; as it proves every year during winter time, specifically on December 14th and 15th, when the whole town transforms itself to a Christmas wonderland. Mikulov’s Markets stretch from the castle down to the main square, with goodies nestled between the streets. Gorge yourself on some hot wine or local cuisine and explore the many stalls with handcrafted gifts and souvenirs.

Accompanied by carol singers, enjoy fish specialties, punch or find the perfect gift to put underneath the Christmas tree.

Where: Mikulov
When: December 14th and 15th
Why to go: 

  • The whole town is a Christmas Market
  • A great excuse for a weekend in the South of Czech Republic
  • Romantic atmosphere

Photo: Atlas Ceska

Loket Castle

Here comes a truly royal Christmas experience. If you have always dreamed of being a damsel or burgher, this Christmas, your wish might come true at Loket Castle!

This Christmas, get to experience the production of straw ornaments and customs of the Ore Mountains an Pohori Region in the town near Karlovy Vary.

Visitors with a sweet tooth can look forward to eating lots and lots of gingerbread – some of them even come in the form of ornaments to hang on your tree. Next to sweets, the market stalls of Loket will spoil you with goodies from the traditional Ore Mountains cuisine, like sweet potato pancakes with applesauce.

A barrel organ, carols as well as Krusne Hory folklore music make the Christmas experience on the Castle grounds perfect. Of course, dance and theater performances are going to be a thing, too. The Street Theater will accompany visitors every step they take. The Ignis Fire Theater closes each day with angelic swirls, making your Loket experience an unforgettable Christmas adventure.

Where: Loket Castle
When: December 7th – December 8th, 10 AM – 6 PM
Entrance Fee: CZK 100.00
Why to go:

  • Ignis Fire Theater Shows
  • Authentic Ore Mountains and Pohori Region cuisine
  • Handmade Straw ornaments
  • Barrel Organ, Carols and Folklore Music

Český Krumlov

Is there a way that Český Krumlov could be more of a fairytale-like place? We say yes! By visiting the small town in the south during Christmas time. From November 29th to January 6th, Český Krumlov trumps its beauty that is hailed all over the world with their Christmas Markets.

Starting with the lighting of the Christmas tree, followed by a multitude of events like carol singing, St. Nicholas celebrations and the arrival of the White Lady, Český Krumlov will make your winter fairytale become true.

Follow the smell of punch, mulled wine and Christmas cookies, as you stroll along the magical alleys of Český Krumlov to the craft fair in the Castle courtyard. If you fancy seeing the city on a tour, opt out for the special Christmas Tour.

Český Krumlov is not only known for its picturesque buildings – it also is THE spot for water rafting and of course, this tradition is incorporated into the Christmas experience in the South, too. Try something different this year and celebrate Christmas on a raft!

The scent of mulled wine and punch will linger in the city for a full four weeks – as are the Christmas market on Svornosti Square. Don’t miss out on the Rybova Christmas Mass, the concerts of the Elementary Art School of Český Krumlov, Dog Christmas or any of the 60 advent and Christmas events (organised by intitutions, citizens and artists) in the romantic town in the South.

Where: Český Krumlov
When: November 29th – January 6th
Why to go: 

  • Marvelous atmosphere
  • Handcrafted goods from local producers
  • Great cultural program



When visiting Prague in wintertime, why not jump on a train to Litomyšl in the Pardubice region for an excellent Christmas adventure?

Every Sunday during advent time, the Castle Hill in Litomyšl transforms into an advent wonderland with Christmas music, performances on the stage in front of the Cathedral and a big assortment of food and drinks.

If you want to know more about the traditions around Christmas of the region, make sure to secure yourself a spot on the Christmas tour – or stroll through the Christmas Market full of handmade goods and traditional ornaments to decorate your tree with, while enjoying a picturesque view from high up above.

If being outside has you shiver, why not stop by the ‘Christmas Museum’, located in the basement of the Regional Museum in Litomyšl? Walk the same path that was used to enter the castle hill during 14th and 17th centuries and experience hundreds of stories the town has to tell.

Where: Castle Hill, Litomyšl
When: Every Sunday through Advent time
Why to go: 

  • Enjoy the Christmas Spirit at an UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Handmade Goods
  • Traditions from Pardubice region


Let the city of Tabor envelope you in Christmas spirit! A simple 1 hour bus ride away from the capital lays one of our favorite day trip destinations in Czech Republic. The pretty Tabor transforms into a winter wonderland every December. The streets are filled by the fragrance of Gingerbread cookies, lit up by warm lights and becomes lively through the cultural program the city has to offer.

Next to traditional handicrafts and Christmas ornaments, experience the Christmas Story of Mary, Joseph and their son live on stage by the Studna Theater. Accompanied by Christmas songs, jugglers and angle-like characters, the play will surely push the right buttons to get you into Christmas mood.

Where: Žižkovo náměstí, Tabor
When: December 14th, 9 AM – 6 PM / December 15th, 9 AM – 5 PM
Why to go:

  • Performance of the Studna Theater staging the story of Christmas
  • Live music & Carols
  • Traditional handicrafts


The city in the very south of Czech Republic is not only a must-stop in summer. In wintertime, the romantic buildings around Masaryk Square  light up in the glimpse of the big Christmas tree. Next to lighting the tree, an Advent Wreath is traditionally lit up, too, starting the Christmas celebrations in Southern Moravia. The Masaryk Square then turns into a festive wonderland full of market stalls and a cultural program.

Suck in the spice-induced air on the Upper Square, ride the merry-go-round on Wenceslas Square or take a stroll through Obrokova Street that is full of Christmas trees decorated by the children of the surrounding schools. Be sure to not miss out the absolutely stunningly decorated City Hall Tower in the center of the town. Warm up with either a hot wine or by taking a ride on the nearby ice skating rink, listen to Christmas concerts or marvel at nativity scenes.

If even wine and ice skating won’t help against the cold, visit Znojmo underground or marvel at the works of participants of the ‘Znojmo competition’. Every year, the best Christmas decoration of houses and gardens are sought out by  a jury and crowned.

Where: Masaryk & Wenseslas Square, Znojmo
When: December 1st – December 22nd
Why to go:

  • Marvelous Christmas decorations all around the city
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Street full of decorated Christmas Trees by local school kids
  • Znojmo underground
  • Christmas Decorations Competition

Photo: Znojemska Beseda

Did we miss your favorite Christmas Market in the capital and beyond? We want to hear all about it in the comments! Stay Jolly and Merry!

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