Things to do in Prague when it Rains

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Prague is one of the most beautiful cities to visit during the Spring blossom and Summer sunshine. But even in Autumn’s glory, the city of a hundred spires takes visitors in its ban with its marvelous architecture and eerily history. When the temperatures drop and the clouds reign over the Golden city, many of us find it hard to visit and breathe in the city as much as they could when the drops wouldn’t fall down to earth. Behold! For we found a bunch of cool and interesting things to do in the city!

Things to do in Prague when it Rains

Let’s be honest: We all hope to get lucky enough to have the sun shining on us when we visit a place. But truth is, the weather is not always willing to grant that wish. Luckily, Prague offers plenty of cover to ground – even if you want to stay out of the rain. Here come the coolest things to do in Prague that will make you ‘sing’!

INFINIT Sauna World

Steam, warmth and coziness: INFINIT Sauna is one our favourite ways to spend a rainy day in the city of a hundred spires. With over 10 saunas in their spa world, the wellness area in Vysocany makes for a perfect hideout for when the weather isn’t going as planned. Choose between Finnish, Honey, Herb or Salt Saunas, get refreshed with drinks from their bar and cool down by throwing ice over you or dumping a pot of water over you. A wonderful experience for when it’s dark, cold and rainy out.

Location: Malletova 6, Prague 9
Opening Hours: 9 AM – 11 PM

Photographer: Libor Svacek;;

Unrevel the Secret of Czech Beer: Visit Staropramen Brewery

When in Prague, it’s almost a sin to not experience and learn about THE Czech legacy: Beer! Especially when it’s raining outside, the Staropramen Brewery offers a welcome hiding spot, with lots to things to see and – of course – taste. Dive into the history and making of the hoppy essence that is all too well-known around the globe and get to taste their different beers on a tour through the brewery in the heart of Prague.

Location: Nádražní 84, Prague 5
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Tea Time @ Tea Mountain

Nothing quite like a good cuppa on a rainy, cold day out! And by visiting one of the over 150 tea houses in Prague, you dive right into a big junk of Czech Republic’ history, too! How so?

Cajvony have been an important place for Czechs to turn to ever since (and even before) the Communist Regime had taken over the country. Behind closed doors, though, the tasting of tea didn’t stop. Eventually, when the Velvet Revolution marked the end of the iron fist’s clasp around the country, tea houses popped up in the city once again – flourishing up to this very day.

You will find a vast assortment in all tea houses around the city. Be it Chinese, Nepalese, Indian or Japanese tea that makes your heart beat faster; the Cajovny in the city got what you are looking for. We especially like Tea Mountain for their special tea ceremonies and cozy interior. Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the ‘first’ Cajovna in Prague: Dobra Cajovna.

Location: Křižíkova 488, Prague 8
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM

Photo: V. Gautschi

Get Artsy @ Art Together

Do you love art and even more making it?

Silvia Vezzuto is your woman to turn to then! Her art space just off the busy Jiriho z Podebrad square offers Art Lessons every week, during which the artist (well-known in the city for her frescos but also her paintings) helps you get your skills to the next level!

The bubbly lady makes the time fly by and will teach you some tricks to optimize your next work of art with lots of laughter and fun.

Upcoming Events

Learning, crafting and having fun – all that and more is a workshop at Art Together

Have yourself a Cronut @ Oh Deer Bakery

They say the body needs more calories when it’s cold and rainy. What better excuse to stop by one of our favourite shops: Oh Deer Bakery! The team of Oh Deer specializes in making the most heavenly Cronuts in the country (and probably beyond).

Whether you’re a chocolate lover and order the caramel Nutella Cronut or you like it fruity and go for the Strawberry or Mango delight; Oh Deer Bakery will make each and every taste bud of yours dance and your tummy happy. Try their monthly specials – they are finger-licking good and only available for a limited time.

Due to their success, Oh Deer Bakery was able to open a  second location right next to Narodni shopping mall and are a little easier to reach now – unless you stay close ti I.P. Pavlova, of course. We still like going to their original location for its coziness and quietness

Locations: Bělehradská 62, Prague 2 / Purkyňova 2 Prague 1
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM – 5 PM / Sat 9 AM – 2 PM


Photo: V. Gautschi

Discover Prague’s Underground: Wastewater Treatment Plant Prague

What do we do when it’s raining from above? Obviously, we get underground! There are a couple of underground tunnel tours in Prague, though we found this one to be the most interesting one. As you enter the ‘Cistirna’ (Waterwork Treatment Plant) of the Prague municipality, the brick walls of the tunnel lead the way into the magnificent halls underground.

Marvel at the original machinery and explore the old steam and boiler room that powered the old treatment plant. A very different experience to be had in Prague – with lots of history involved.

Be sure to book a tour online before you set out to Bubenec.

Location: Papírenská 6, Prague 6
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Make Music @ Zizkovsiska

Cold and rainy out? Not a problem for these guys! If you are into music – whether you like to make it yourself or just enjoy listening to some – Zizkovsiska is your place to go on a rainy Sunday!

The art space in Zizkov opens their doors every Sunday for all people that love to jam or see coming new tunes together. Have yourself a hot soup as you take in the scene and of course a beer for good measure.

Jamming at the art space in Prague 3 is a great way to work around the rainy weather and yet stay on the pulse of the city.

Location: Husitská 11, Prague 3

Battle of the Bands / Photo: žižkovšiška

Visit an Art House Cinema

Of course, we all know how to evade the rain – going to the cinema! But is that really something you should do when you are on holiday? The answer is yes! At least in Prague you should!

The city of a hundred spires is home to so many Art House Cinemas that it would almost be a mistake to not pay a visit to one of them. They are well-integrated into Czech life and loved because of their comfy seats and private feeling. They also handpick the movies they screen and thus always make sure that you will get to watch something not everybody else does. Of course, they also screen the classics like ‘Kill Bill’ or ‘Hateful Eight’. Get your cinema fix at Aero, Bio Oko, Kino Pilotu or Svetozor.

If you love exploring the works of filmmakers that sadly are not shown in the big cinemas and are into theme-weeks, check out Kino Ponrepo. They organise film festivals that honor and show the movies from filmmakers from all over the world. For example throughout the Kiwi & Aussie Film Festival or the Ukrainian Film Festival.

Who said going to the cinema in a different country couldn’t be educational?

Photo: V. Gautschi

Taste All of the Beers!

Sit down, have a yourself a pint and wait for it to all blow over.  When it’s raining in the capital, why not make your very own beer tour happening? With the shock of pubs, restaurants and establishment that pour Czech beer from the tap, you almost wish it’ll be raining throughout your stay. And the assortment is vast. From mini breweries like Hostivar, Moucha or Kail to internationally known ones like Pilsner, Staropramen, Budvar and more.

Start your tour in Dva Kohouti and follow your beer trail all the way to Brevnov’s Monastery Brewery (for a heavenly experience). If you want to expand your radius, stop by Vinohradsky Pivovar in Vinohrady or taste some freshly draft pints at Beer Geek (they also have a bottle shop about 5 minutes away).

Have yourself a Cocktail

Why not dress up and gorge yourself on some expertly mixed cocktails when in Prague? It’s not just the bustling nightlife and clubs that makes people flock to the Czech capital, but also the many cozy and homey cocktail bars tucked away in alleys and narrow streets. Get comfortable at classy spots like Bar and Books or experience anything but ordinary at Anonymous.

Hemingway welcomes you to have a drink with the famous writer – well, at least the spirit of him – that the bar was named after and Oblaca up in Zizkov’s TV Tower will take you on a whole different level of cocktail experience.

Bukowski's Bar is Famous for Their Excellent Cocktails

Bukowski’s Bar is Famous for Their Excellent Cocktails

Dive into Czech History at a Museum

Prague’s pot of history runneth over; the capital of Czech Republic has seen many changes and witnessed many important political events. Though spots like Wenceslas Square might not be the place to visit when it rains, the many museums around the city tell the tales of the Golden City masterfully, too.

If you want to go back all the way in time, be sure to stop by at the Anthropology Museum of Prague, where you can dive into the world of skulls from a thousands years ago and reveal the stories from ancient Prague.

The Jewish Museum of Prague tells the shocking story of World War II and how the situation in Prague was. If you prefer something more lighthearted, stop by the Smetana or Dvorak Museum and get to know everything about the famous Czech composers.

Talking about lighthearted, ‘Na Film‘ offers the perfect option to get to know all about the history of film in Prague. The city of a hundred spires is up to this day a popular filming location because of its pretty buildings and narrow alleys. At ‘Na Film’, the history of movie making is rolled out from the birth to nowadays technologies.

And talking about technology, the Technology Museum in Prague 7 shall not be left out. If you are interested in peaking into the history of all sorts of technology (public transport, photography, television and more), you will not be disappointed by this massive, 5 level building.

Marvel at National & International Art: Visit Prague’s Art Galleries

Rodin, Dürer or Goya: Prague is not just a magical place because of it’s architecture and rich history. The city of a hundred spires boasts a shock of phenomenal art museums to visit. Prague is home to a alternative art scene, where new artists get to showcase what they can in a bunch of places. But also the international masters can be found around the Golden City.

For contemporary art, check out DOX, nestled right next to the Vltava river up in Palmovka.

The National Gallery on Old Town Square is your place to go if you are interested in Japanese and Korean culture. They boast a big exhibition about crafts and art from 7’000 kilometers away!

The National Gallery on Veletrzni Palac – in the pretty neighbourhood Letna – will suck you into its ban on its 5 levels. From French stonemason Rodin, to Czech artists like Josef Šíma: The huge complex has something to offer for every art lover. Of course, they will fill you up with great coffee and other goodies in their café.

The Schwarzenberg Palace will show you the works of Old Masters – and makes for a good excuse to get out your umbrella and walk over to the castle before you go down into the city again. St. Agnes Monastery is not just pretty to look at from the outside, but also hosts an exhibition of Medieval Art of Bohemia and Central Europe.

If you are looking to go off the beaten path in terms of art, be sure to check out the independent art galleries like Life Is Ours or Artrafika. Both of them showcase works from local painters, cartoonists and more.

Get Wild @ an Aquapark

Instead of hiding from the water, why not dive right into it? Prague’s Aquaparks provide shelter from the cold rain and swaps it out for warm water pools, slides and a hella lot of fun. Cestlice, for example, offers tons of hours to be spent in their indoor park.

Of course, the water world also offers quiet and relaxation for all those, that want to live life at a slower pace, while the rain pitter patters on the glass roof. All passionate divers can get their (indoor) fix at the ‘diving grotto’ in Cestlice, too.

Visit Manifesto Market

Last but not least: Prague is an amazing place for a foodie to be stuck in. Though most food markets are less appealing in the cold and rain, Manifesto Market makes for a nice hiding spot when the weather gods aren’t doing what we ask them to do. With more than 17 stands with cuisine from all over the world, the food market in both Florenc and Smichov will give you an intricate look into the food scene in Prague. Of course, they offer shelter in form of heated Igloos that you can pre-book online, so you can enjoy the goodies that are served in your own cozy little bubble. Live music makes the deal even sweeter.

Locations: Florenc, Smichov
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM


Did we miss your favourite hiding spot from the rain in Prague? We want to hear all about them in the comments!

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