ARTSPOTTING: Loď Tajemství – Arenas, Artists and Acrobats

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Prague – a vibrant city with art on every corner. The National Art Gallery, DOX and their friends let us have a glimpse at artist’s works and marvel at their creative outputs. But what if we told you, there is more than just the big, well known galleries? What if we told you, there are many more places where you can find art in this wonderful city? And what if you could marvel at local artists’ work?

If you are looking for some hidden talent, are curious to see what local artists produce or are one of them and looking for a platform, follow our new series ‘ARTSPOTTING’ and get to know the must visit galleries and experiences!

Prague is a dream come true for artists. As a local artist said: “You simply walk around the city with your earphones in and a billion impressions and ideas just come onto you!”. So let the city inspire you, fill you with impressions and take in what local artists have been inspired to create!

Loď Tajemství

Here comes a theater which is a little different from Národní divadlo and its friends: Loď Tajemství (The Secret Ship) is home to the Forman Brothers Theater as well as the Aqualung ensemble.

Where the adventure begins: the entrance to Loď Tajemství

But there is more to discover than ‘just’ an awesome theater in an unusual spot: The hidden ship inhabits a wide exhibition where you can get to know the monsters and puppets of the Forman Brothers’ shows, their features used on stage, pictures, sketches and photographs from the past – history and culture in one!

A tiny sign leads the way to the hidden paradise

But who are the brothers behind the Loď Tajemství ? Once upon a time – some say 25 years ago –  two brothers had a dream. A dream to create space for all the theater lovers and actors looking for a stage. Ever since, they have been one of the most original artistic groups known to Czech theater.

For each and every project the Forman Brother Theater puts together a new team– apart from the two brothers and a handful of permanent members –  of actors to inspire a slight adaption to the mood which flows into their shows and by doing so are embracing new energies, ideas and skills. With their unconventional, poetic approach, the Forman Brothers Theater stands out from the crowd.

In the year 2000, Loď Tajemství emerged as a part of an European city of Culture project and what once was a dream became reality! Since then, the boat returns every year to entertain people and impress them with memorable performances. And because a theater on steady ground – as the ones on Náměstí Míru or Národní – are way to common, the Forman brothers decided to open theirs on the ‘open seas’!

An easy way to board a ship and enter the world of art, theater and good vibes

Yes, this theater was created on a boat which is floating along the embankment of the Vltava. Today, the boat hosts performances of the Forman Brothers Theater and the Cabaret Théatre Dromesko. What would possibly be more exquisite than ending your walk along the river by visiting a theatrical performance on a boat?

‘ARENA’ festival: Talents in a Tent

Until 24th June 2018, Loď Tajemství is also hosting the ‘ARENA’ festival, during which artists, acrobats and other creative minds will put you under their spell – on stage and in a tent. Sip at a beer on the riverside, have some vegan goodies and visit a different kind of performances! Have we mentioned that the entrance to the festival grounds is free?

Enter a world far away from the city, in the city: ‘ARENA’ Festival

Make sure to check out the next plays of Loď Tajemství right here – for their ship sails again in September!

Address: Rašínovo nábř., 128 00 Nové Město
Festival address: Smíchovská Náplavka, 15000 Prague
Opening hours: May-September (depending on program)

Ready for more alternative art spots? Stay tuned for our next stop!

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