How to spend a Fabulous Valentine’s Day in Prague

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Valentine’s Day is just only a few days away! For some a day full of romance and love, for others a difficult time to figure out what to do. Whether you are spoken for or not, Prague has some fantastic spots to spend Valentine’s Day at. With our guide, you are bound to have a romantic, memorable and fun day. You are single? No problem! Take yourself out on a date or grab a friend or two to experience a fabulous day in the city of a hundred spires.

Even though Czechs have their very own ‘Valentine’s Day’ on May 1st, the Czech capital offers a wide variety of activities and places to experience if you are sticking to the international day of Love. Find your Valentine’s adventure with us!

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How to spend the perfect Valentine’s Day in Prague

1. Grab a Romantic Lunch

Lunch? Yes, lunch. When going out for dinner in the city, you are bound to be disappointed in terms of seating, as a lot of places are booked out on that very special day weeks in advance. Nothing that you can not work around, though. Why not get your loved ones and friends out of work or the house and enjoy a finger licking good lunch?

If you are thinking of a good place to take your special someone (be that yourself or someone else) to, we recommend booking your table at Kofein for a taste-buds-reviving experience. With fabulous wines from their list and lovingly put together dishes made out of fresh produce, Kofein is one of the best dating spots in the city.

Photo: Kofein

If you are looking for something more international, The Pind offers excellent Indian cuisine and a cozy interior, where you will want to sit and enjoy yourselves for quite some time. And Osteria Da Clara in Vršovice will steal your heart away with their delicious Italian cuisine. 

2. Visit the Museum of Senses

What better day to explore the five senses than on Valentine’s Day? The Museum of Senses is not only open to lovebirds, but everyone that wants to experience their natural senses from a whole different angle. Why not go on a fantastic journey of reviving your senses with over 50 exhibits? The infinity disco room for example makes for a great club experience, if you don’t have the opportunity to dance the night away due to work the next day. Or give your emotions a face in the Sound Room, which will paint a visual picture from the Sounds you are producing.

Location: Jindřišská 20, Prague 1
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09.00 – 21.00

3. Grab a drink at Tiki Taky

Whether it is to celebrate being single or the time you share with someone: Tiki Taky will set you up with the perfect drink to spend Valentine’s. With mind-bending fusions of sweet, sour and boozy (for example the best Bloody Mary in town) along with a cozy and warm interior, you might just think you are sitting on an exotic beach.

Location: Cimburkova 22, Prague 3
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 19.00 – 05.00

Photo: Tiki Taky

4. Spend Valentine’s with Shakespeare & Co.

Prague is a cultural hub for all theater, classical music and opera fans. Especially in comparison to other countries, cultural events such as Operas, Plays and Concerts are very affordable and happen in beautiful, historic buildings all around the city. Whether you are feeling like watching a Drama, a Comedy or listen to the sounds of a lovebird, Prague has it all!

The New Stage of the National Theater for example, will take you on a visal-motion show about the life of famous photographer Eadweard Muybridge in Human Locomotion. If you are feeling more like a Drama, Nightwork‘ at the Estates Theatre is just the perfect theater play for you. All the lovebirds will want to buy tickets for Dvořák’s Rusalka and dive into a masterpiece of a fairytale, while enjoying the interior of the National Theater.

5. Take your Valentine on a Hike

Who said Valentine’s is nothing but flowers and food? Why not plan a special Hike in the scenic countryside this year? Though the temperatures could be a little higher, there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing. If you – or your loved one – enjoy the outdoors and adventures, a hike might just be the best gift you could give him, her and yourself. Pack a picnic and cloth, so you can stop and enjoy a delicious lunch together while overlooking some gorgeous nature. Our special tip: Kavči Hory or Mount Řip.

If you would like to opt out for something shorter, why not take a walk around the Botanical Garden in Prague 4? The entrance is for free and you get to see flowers and plants from around the world.

Photo: V. Gautschi

6. Visit one of Prague’s Alternative Cinemas

Love the cinema but don’t like the massive crowds in it? Prague luckily has many spots where a classic date spot becomes a very intimate and cozy experience. BIO OKO, located in Letná, shows alternative movies and has a sister spot in Žižkov: Kino Aero. But there is more! Ponrepo in New Town adds to the long list of small cinemas that bring you right back to the 80’s, when seats where comfortable and leg room a matter of course.

And speaking of classics: Kino Aero is showing ‘Dirty Dancing on Valentine’s Day! Bio Oko responds with the rather dramatic romance movie ‘In the Aisles’, where our protagonist falls in love with his married coworker. If you are looking for a movie that is far from romantic, Ponrepo is your place to go: ‘Night Demons’ is an existential drama about two Jewish boys escaping from one concentration camp to the other.

7. Enjoy some Smooth Jazz Tunes

What better way to end your Valentine’s Day than with some smooth Jazz tunes? Slurp a Cocktail (or a beer) after a successful day of love in the city in one of Prague’s Jazz locations such as Ungelt, U Malého Glena or Jazz Republic.

What to get your loved one

Found your date spot but have no idea where to get the little something for your significant other yet? We found the best places to get Valentine’s classics from.


Chocolate & Co.


This Chocolatier in Prague will melt every chocolate lover’s heart. With their stunning and tasty products, your Valentine’s day will be anything but ordinary. They also have an E-Shop, making it even easier to order the right thing for your better half.

Location: Vrchlabská 9, Kbely
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.00 – 18.00

Chocolate Monkey

If buying chocolate is not an option for you, how about making it yourself? A personal and inexpensive gift with lots of love in it. Chocolate Monkey offers exactly that to its customers. Besides masterfully crafted chocolate, they also provide space and instructions to make your very own bar of sweet deliciousness.

Location: Havelská 8, Prague 1
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 15.00 – 19.00 / Sat-Sun 13.00 – 17.00


Le Caveau

Your special someone is not into Chocolate? Why not substitute with delicious, mouthwatering Croissants from Le Caveau, then? The buttery and fluffy croissants or one of their yummy baguettes make a perfect start into the romantic day ahead of you. And by the way, Le Caveau on JZP also serves brunch with bread from their bakery next door.

Location: Jiřího z Poděbrad 9, Prague 3 / Krymská 27, Prague 10

Jewelry, Watches & More


Czech & Slovak Design at its best! The little, bright shop in Letná showcases and sells design jewelry made by Czech and Slovak designers. The boutique store has something for every taste and you will definitely find the right thing for your jewelry-loving significant other.

Location: Veletržní 48, Prague 7
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.00 – 19.00 / Sat 11.00 – 16.00

Photo: V. Gautschi


More beautiful design things for your better half! CVRK also offers a wide variety of gifts for men. Choose between wooden watches, masterfully crafted sunglasses and bow ties made from various materials and more. Of course, the women’s section is wide, as well. CVRK has several locations around Prague, making it easy to get to one in your area.

Locations & Opening Hours

Photo: V. Gautschi


Short on cash but still want to give your significant other something nice? Restart is a second hand shop in Prague 7 that has beautiful stuff to offer. That said, you might not find the exact thing you are looking for, but a beautiful accidental find makes an even better present, we think.

Location: Biskupská 1, Prague 1 & Komunardů 14, Prague 7
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 09.30 – 18.00


Good old flowers are a classic on Valentine’s Day. To get the right bouquet, simply visit Kytky od Pepi, Belles Fleurs or Metamorphosis. There is also a couple of Farmers Markets offering flowers, such as the one in Dejvice (Na Kulaťáku). If you have a significant other that might like living flowers, which – just as your relationship – will blossom on, you might want to visit the Garden Center Chladek (or look around the stores mentioned above, since they usually offer live plants, too).

Ready for Valentine’s Day? How are you going to spend the day of love? Do you have other romantic and fun spots to spend the special day at and want to share it with lovebirds and singles alike? Tell us all about it in the comments. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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