The 9 Best Places to Shop Second Hand in Prague

Living in Prague has many perks. Great beer, magnificent architecture and the international vibe make it easy to lose ones heart to the capital of Czech Republic. Once one has found his living space and settled in, exploring the city from an insiders view becomes priority. And while the exploring is a lot of fun […]

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The Ultimate Retreat from the Heat: Lhota Lake

Europe’s heat wave has wrapped its fiery hands around Prague as tightly as around every other European city. 35 degrees by day, 26 degrees by night: How could one possibly live through such temperatures without breaking a sweat? Some people’s answer to the hot weather is sitting at home with a cold drink, getting themselves […]

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What to Do on New Year's Eve in Prague

What to Do on New Year’s Eve 2016 in Prague

If you plan to spend New Year’s Eve in Prague there is actually not much to do on your own, as every place is generally very busy and full of tourists. Most of the Praguers actually leave the city to celebrate New Year in the countryside or mountains, in a cottage with friends. You can almost forget about […]

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Prague Budget Restaurants Under the Lens of Honest Guide

The 10 Best Prague Budget Restaurants in 2017

Prague video maker and crook-fighter Janek Rubes shot yet another video about Prague with thoughtful tips for tourists. Watch it and learn how to best enjoy Prague on a budget, while visiting its restaurants. As we wrote in our article “TOP10 Tourist Traps in Prague”, Janek Rubes has been shooting series of videos about Prague […]

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