The Best Sunday Walks in Prague

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Autumn embraces the trees of Prague gently with its beauty and transforms them into a stunning melange of red, green and yellow. The city of a hundred spires must be one of the most romantic ones to be in – during autumn even more so. The perfect way to take in the Autumn Foliage – besides hiking in Bohemia – is a pretty Sunday walk together – or in tranquil privateness. We got the best walk in Prague with pretty leaves and even prettier views for you to enjoy Autumn to the fullest.

Photo: V. Gautschi

The Best Sunday Walks in Prague

What’s better than sipping a cup of hot chocolate all wrapped up in a blanket? Exactly, coming home from a autumn foliage walk on a sunny Sunday in Autumn and then sipping a hot chocolate all wrapped up in a blanket! Prague is a true mecca for lovers of green parks and meandering walking paths. We share our most beloved Sunday walks with you to make the next Sunday a special one.

Naplavka to Branické Skály

The embankment of the Vltava River gets busy on Saturdays: Boasting one of the biggest farmers markets in the city of a hundred spires. On Sundays, however, the calm river shore makes for a perfect walk to ponder and marvel at the beautiful place you are in. Start off your walk just off the tram stop ‘Palackeho namesti’ and walk down the cobblestones of Naplavka.

As you pass the railway bridge, your trail will lead you to Prague’s second – nonetheless absolutely gorgeous – castle: Vyšehrad. From here, either follow up the street to the castle ruins with its beautiful cathedral and breathtaking view over Prague or enter the underpass in the rock to continue your river walk.

This path is also perfect for cyclists, skaters and long boarders alike: Freshly paved and with both a walking and cycling lane, everybody gets their fair share of the river promenade reaching all the way to Branik. The rock formation can be climbed, too, for a stunning view over the city (but be careful to not slip and fall).

Continue your walk along the river shore of Branik, which also boasts a outdoor pool in Summer. This walkway continues on for as long as you care to follow the Vltava on its trail to Modrany and beyond. Or end your walk by the shore, sit down on a bench and take in the Autumn sun.

Why to go:

  • Endless riverbank
  • Vyšehrad Castle
  • Branik Rocks

Where to start: Start your walk at Naplavka embankment
How to get there: Trams 10/16 to ‘Palackeho Namesti’


The park of Prague 6 boasts a maze of trails leading through the widespread area. Whether you care for a walk, a skate or rollerblading; Ladronka is the optimal place to get lost in for a couple of hours. High up in Brevnov, Ladronka not only boasts lots of trees kissed by the autumn magic, but also a Disc Golf course.

Disc Golf is a mix of both golf and Frisbee. But before you x out of the article: It’s a lot of fun and can even be done with 0 skill! You can rent the gear in the pub near the entrance if you want to give it a try.

Want to know more about this quirky sport? Read all about it here!

When you follow one of the many trails leading away from the exit, you will pass a ‘Obcerstveni’ that will happily serve you a well-deserved beer or Malinovka after or during your walk. Ladronka also hosts plenty of events throughout the year, like the big Carodejnice festivities in April.

Why to go:

  • Disc Golf
  • Refreshments on Site
  • Lots of events happening (like Cardodejnice, Food Festival, etc.)

Where to start: Ladronka Main Entrance just off the tram stop
How to get there: Trams 22/25 to ‘Vypich’

Photo: V. Gautschi

Obora Hvezda

A Summer Palace, a Cave and lots of mushrooms: Obora Hvezda is not only a popular place for mushroom foragers in Autumn, but also for everyone seeking the autumn magic in the city. The pheasantry up in Prague 6 offers 3 different trails around and to the Hvezda (Stars) building, which used to serve as a summer residence for Ferdinand I.

As you follow the trail around the the forest, you will come across a small cave covered in moss and leafy greens. Walking down the trail to the water tower, following the stream to its pond, Autumn foliage follows your every step. Obora Hvezda is a perfect getaway if you want some nature around you, but can’t make it out of the city. It’s the perfect green little oasis in the city, that is easily accessible by tram and metro.

Why to go: 

  • Caves
  • Mushrooms
  • Hvezda Building
  • Tranquility

Where to start: Start your walk at the end of the metro A line ‘Petriny’
How to get there: Tram 1 or Metro A to ‘Petriny’


Photo: Vanessa Gautschi

A Castle, terracotta Vases, a green labyrinth straight out of Alice in Wonderland, the botanical garden and Art: Do we need to say more? Troja is an absolute gem to explore on a Sunday afternoon. Combining it with a walk around the widespread complex, you surely will burn a calorie or two. But besides the marvelous Chateau Troja, the district of Prague 8 has way more to offer on your Sunday walk.

Climb up from Troja Chateau to the botanical garden and learn about the local fauna, while enjoying a stunning view over Prague. If you prefer a walk by the water, follow the river upstream, surpassing a couple of cute outdoor cafés and leading you to the ‘Red Rock’, a stunning rock formation.

As you continue your path along the river – which by the way is great for cyclists and skaters, too – you get to marvel at Tiche Udoli’s riverbank on the opposite side of the river, before you duck into the Troja forest and follow the forest trail all the way to the Old Mill.

From here, you can either complete your loop through the forest or turn around and get some more river feeling in, before taking back the ferry over to Stromovka or walking back to your starting point to munch on a couple of delicacies at the nearby ‘Art&Food ZOOna’: a food market that also exhibits art.

Why to go:

  • Troja Chateau
  • Food Market Art & Food ZOOna
  • Marvelous views over the Tiche Udoli riverbank
  • Mill
  • Small cafés by the riverbank

Where to start: Just off the bus stop ‘Zoologicka zahrada’
How to get there: Bus 112 to ‘Zoologicka Zahrada’

Photo: V. Gautschi


If you just need a break from everything and everyone, we recommend jumping on tram 9 to ‘Postovka’ and seek sanctuary in Kosire Motol’s park. Greeted by Svaty Vaclav’s statue, do a sharp left uphill to get to the Chinese Pavillon – an unusual and unexpected sight, nonetheless absolutely beautiful.

The mansion next to the Pavillon is unfortunately not open for public – but not to worry: As you follow the trail leading into the forest, you soon will spot a Medieval tower that reaches high into the sky. Climb up the roughly 100 stairs and enjoy a marvelous view of the green wonderland that seems to be endless.

Don’t want to miss out on any single sight in Kosire-Motol? This article will tell you everything you need to know!

But Kosire-Motel not only offers spectacular sights underway – it is also a true oasis for all those that seek an autumn foliage walk of the super class. Red, orange, green and yellow leaves will accompany you on your stroll through this absolute wonderland.

You can either cross the railway crossing that your trail will lead you to or make a right turn and follow the path back to your starting point, passing a couple of statues and a small chapel. An absolutely wonderful afternoon spent in Prague 9. Have we mentioned that there is a Trabant museum next to the park?

Feel like a damsel or burgher: Watch Tower in Košíře

Why to go:

  • Lookout Tower
  • Thick Forest
  • Old Railway Crossing
  • Chinese Pavilion
  • Trabant Museum

Where to start: Just off the tram stop ‘Postovka’
How to get there: Tram 9 to ‘Postovka’


Welcome to Prague’s most secluded, yet close-by park: Roztoky and Tiché Udoli. From the very first step you take off the bus, it seems as if you are entering a different dimension up in Prague-Suchdol.

Starting off with what most walk end – the gorgeous view – Vltavske Udoli will make sure to get you hooked on this Sunday walk from the very first minute on. Compared to other walks, though, it might come closer to a hike, than just a stroll. Nonetheless, this place is too pretty to not visit and spend a couple of hours in. And the good news is: You can drop out at any point of the educational trail that you follow, if you feel like doing so.

But following the nature path into the forest, passing a couple of free range chickens and turning into the lush forest of Tiché Udoli, is just too magical to even think of giving up. As you walk downhill, you will spot a castle in the distance and then turn into a tree alley that will lead you towards the two mills of Suchdol’s forest: Trojanuv and Spaleny Mill. Both of the mills seem to have their very own spooky tale – and if you’re curious what they are, make sure to check out our in-depth article on Suchdol.

Ending your walk with sitting by the pond in-between the rock formations of this wonderland, you get to marvel at the beautiful autumn foliage nature has laid out for you. Get back to Suchdol by following the educational trail all the way back to Suchdol, surpassing a church and – of course – a restaurant with a terrace that will serve you an ice cold beer to make the day perfect.

Photo: Vanessa Gautschi

Why to go:

  • Magnificent view over Prague
  • Educational trail
  • Gushing rivers and spooky mills

Where to start: Just off the bus stop ‘Kamycka’
How to get there: Metro A to Dejvicka and Bus 107 or 147 to ‘Kamycka’


The easiest walk in this article, but not any bit less exciting and beautiful than the others, is a stroll to Vitkov Hill. Starting your walk just off ‘Biskupcova’ tram stop in Prague 3, the tiny hill upwards is the hardest this stroll is gonna get. Nonetheless, the approximately 30 minutes long walk to one of the biggest equestrian statues in the world – Jan Žižka on his Horse – has lots of interesting sights to offer. For example the view point made out of wood, that overlooks Karlin district nestled underneath Vitkov.

Besides marvelous views, the surrounding trees all dressed up in their orange, red and yellow cloaks make for a perfect Autumn Foliage walk in the city. Upon arriving at the monument, gorge yourself on an absolute stunning view over Prague and the  Žižkov district – especially romantic during sunset. For those who want to scratch their itch for history will find what they seek inside the monument – it boasts a museum.

Why to go:

  • Magnificent view over Zizkov, Old Town and Karlin
  • Jan  Žižka statue
  • Museum

Where to start: Start your walk just off ‘Biskupcova’ tram stop
How to get there: Trams 11, 9, 16 and 10 to ‘Biskupcova’

Photo: V. Gautschi

Thomayerovo Sady

Photo: V. Gautschi

Looking for the most hidden walk in the city? Liben is – despite its beauty – still a very hidden gem and it seems as though not a soul frequents the green and lush park Thomayerovo Sady on a Sunday afternoon in autumn, which makes this walk a very tranquil experience.

Starting off at the gorgeous Libensky Chateau, you can either start your walk by the Mill to the left hand side or go around the castle and dive right into the green oasis. Overlooking Holesovice, the horsehoe bend of the Vltava and a part of Old Town, the view from up here is quite something. The tiny bit of uphill stretch is the most exhausting your stroll will get, as you get to descend the hill on the other hand side to get down to the playground, a small pub by the trail and to a spring which is located right next to a marvelous rock formation.

Continuing your walk, you will exit the park through pillars which might remind you of a harbour – because you actually hit one. Passing the chestnut trees that are especially beautiful in their autumn dress, you will encounter a bar by the river (Long Island), which makes for the perfect place to sip a beer or Malinovka, before passing Löwituv Mill and getting back to where you started.

Photo: V. Gautschi

Why to go:

  • Spectacular view over the riverbank of Liben
  • Educational trail with rocks and springs
  • Castle Liben
  • Mill

Where to start: Start your journey at the tram stop ‘Libensky Zamek’
How to get there: Tram 10 to ‘Libensky Zamek’


Of course, Stromovka Park cannot go unmentioned when talking about Sunday walks. The endless maze of trails, trees and ponds is one of our favorite Sunday walks in the city. With a perfect mosaic of ponds, green patches and walkways, cyclists, skaters, roller bladers and walkers find what they seek in this extensive park.

You will also not go thirsty on your walk: There is plenty of refreshment stands underway. One of them being Containall, an oasis of peace, good vibes and refreshing drinks – the perfect chill out zone.

If you find yourself on the left hand side of the park, make sure you climb up the hill to get a stunning view over Stromovka, all the way to Troja – which can be reached by ferry from the park, too.

Whether you are looking for a quick stroll or an extensive Sunday walk, Stromovka will scratch the itch for activity of everyone. And when you are done promenading, why not visit the Planetarium on your way out of the park?

Why to go:

  • Maze of trails
  • Beautiful flora
  • River access
  • Planetarium
  • Ferry to Troja

Where to start: Start at ‘Vystaviste Holesovice’
How to get there: Trams 17 or 6 to ‘Vystaviste Holesovice’

Stromovka Park

Stromovka Park

Prague offers plenty of green space to cover. Where will your next Sunday Walk lead you? Have you been on one of these Sunday Walks yet? Did we forget your favorite one? Share it with us and the community in the comments! Happy Sunday!

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